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More stuff on Mr. Cruise and his Clam Friends:

Katie More Zombie-Like Than Ever reports Roger Friedman of Fox News


Reading it can only be even more worrisome for her parents as they see the steady hold Tom Cruise and Scientology have taken of their beloved daughter. There is no way to minimize the frightening aspect of the interview. Holmes, who previously was a sweet, thoughtful, articulate young woman, now comes across like a zombie. She's accompanied on the interview by Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez, her Scientology minder. You may remember that I told you about Feshbach some weeks ago. Her family is a top financial donor to Scientology. Feshbach, whom Holmes calls her "best friend" in the interview, after six weeks of knowing her, is a high-level Scientologist.

According to the various Web sites that monitor the L. Ron Hubbard-founded religion, Feshbach completed courses called "Security Checker Internship," "False Purpose Rundown Auditorship" and "Clear Certainty."According to those who accompanied Holmes through her various publicity trips this spring, Feshbach has never left her side.Neither have other "monitors" who followed Holmes everywhere she went, according to sources, constantly whispering in walkie talkie-like devices (those things that are strapped to wrists, connected to ear pieces) even when she was going to the bathroom...

...As for Holmes, the W interview — conducted by Rob Haskell — features comments from the omnipresent Feshbach (who goes by her second husband's name, Rodriguez). When Holmes is asked to describe her feelings for Cruise, Feshbach interrupts and says, "You adore him." During the interview, Holmes — in a very choreographed stunt — receives an expensive "surprise" gift from Cruise.

OK, everybody say it with me: C-R-E-E-P-Y.

But wait there's more. Apparently Tom's kids with Nicole Kidman are indeed being taught to worship at the altar of Xenu and L. Ron Hubbard.Nicole had apparently wanted to raise the kids Catholic - obviously that ain't happening :

It's the news that Cruise and Nicole Kidman's 12-year-old daughter Isabella Cruise has been listed in the Scientology bulletin for completing the basic course. She's under the name "Bella Cruise." This can only be heartbreaking for Kidman, who — as Holmes once was — is a devout Roman Catholic from an observant family.
This column reported exclusively a couple of weeks ago that the Cruise-Kidman kids are educated at Tom's home in Beverly Hills by his two sisters, with an emphasis on the teachings of Scientology. This raises the question of who has custody of their children. The answer seems to be Cruise, because the kids must be in his home every day for their schooling.

Poor kids. Well at least maybe we can save Katie. Mr. Sun! has a pretty good RESCUE PLAN.

More stuff:
The The Tom Cruise Scientology Centre via LiquidGeneration (be sure to listen to the testimonials)

The I'm Tom Cruise, and I'm in LOVE!!! blog in which Tom-tom uses to express himself and his great "love" for Katie, Xenu and others.

The very apt TomCruiseIsNuts.com website.

Lastly John Allen in his Word from Rome has the the both bizarre and disturbing rumor from Germany that the Scientologists may be interested in buying Pope Benedict XVI's birthplace, which is up for sale:

Acting through an intermediary, the mayor said, the Church of Scientology is bidding to become the new owner, for purposes that remain obscure. It's not clear how the mayor knows this, nor why the Scientologists would pay top dollar for a facility in a small Bavarian town that seems unpromising territory for new recruits.

It's probable that Marktl-am-Inn will take its place alongside Wadowice, Poland, the hometown of John Paul II, as a modern Catholic pilgrimage destination. Who exactly will be there to welcome the pilgrims remains to be seen.

What exactly will the $cientologists want with this house other than to recruit earnest Catholic pilgrims who will go see the birthplace of Joseph Ratzinger and leave with a copy of Diantetics in one hand and an appointment for a $cientology auditing in the other?
Yet again this is: C-R-E-E-P-Y.

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