The NY Yankees Season is Over


Written on 12:02 AM by Jack B.

Well, that's it. The Yanks just lost to the L.A./California/Anaheim Angels (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) by a score to 5 to 3. Their season is over and the Angels will go on to the ALCS. Congrats to the Angels and Angels fans. They played near mistake-free baseball and deserved to win.

The Yankees by contrast had many (and I mean MANY) chances to win, they left dozens of men on base, couldn't get the big hit when they needed it, couldn't get the big homerun when they needed and two guys who drove in over 100+ runs during the season, ARod (the A.L.'s home run leader and possible MVP embarassed himself) and Matsui (no Godzilla here) were invisible. The defense was sloppy and so was the pitching. Randy Johnson somewhat redeemed himself out of the bullpen tonight but they should have pulled the hook on Mussina in the 2nd when the Angels went ahead. This was not a game they could afford to lose and I knew once Mussina gave up a couple of runs he would end up giving more. That's his M.O. He's either brilliant or bombed. Frankly I knew when the Yankee hitters couldn't get a big inning off the rookie who replaced Colon and couldn't throw a strike after entering the game that they were in trouble and I knew as soon as the collision in the outfield with Crosby and Sheffield on that so-called "triple" (that should have been caught) allowing two runs to score that the game was over. And this was in the beginning of the game. If you allow a bone-headed move like that to happen and don't come right back and get at least one run right back, you usually lose and the Yankees did. By 2 runs. The exact number that bone-head play in the outfield cost them. Dumb. Once again the Yanks did themselves in. They just don't seem to have the same fire they did when they were winning World Series every year.

Ah, well. It was a good year and heck, the Red Sox are out of the playoff too so it's not ALL bad. As for the four teams left - Chicago, L.A., Houston and St. Louis. I personally could care less who wins it. Just as long as the baseball is good.

See ya' next season!

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