Yankees Take Game 1 From The L.A. Angels


Written on 12:11 AM by Jack B.

A very good win tonight and mostly thanks to Mike Mussina. I've had some somewhat negative thoughts about Mike Mussina and the Yankees during the season because I've always thought he could be much better than he has been. But I've never doubted that when Moose is on his game he is one of the best pitchers in the Major Leagues, no matter how old he is. Tonight he was definitely on his game and we beat L.A.'s 21-game winner, Bartolo Colon, to boot. The pressure is on the Angels now and the Yankees shouldn't relent. Especially since the Red Sox got shellacked by the White Sox earlier today (how sweet that was). Needless to say, in Yankee land, its been a good night.

P.S. As proof of how into the game I was tonight not only did I not change the channel while I was watching (and I hate listening FOX announcers so that's big) but for the first time in a long time I forgot to watch my favorite TV show, The Amazing Race, which was on at the same time. I simply long track of what time it was. But the end result (a Yankee win) was worth it.

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