I'm Going To Have A...Niece!


Written on 4:09 PM by Jack B.

Those who remember this post will remember I am soon (*crosses fingers*) to be an uncle for the first time. Right now my sister is around 20 weeks (baby due in June) and it's a going to be...A GIRL! I was going to wait till I got the new ultra-sounds to post before I said it on the blog but why waste good news (which is so hard to come by these days as it is). I'll post the pics as soon as I get them.

If there's any good news to come out of this its that the name "Dyson" is out (although, truth to tell, I was getting used to it). My sister and her husband were so expecting a boy that they really didn't think of any girl-ish names. I'm trying to make the case for "Jacqueline" as a name but I don't think I'm getting any traction on that. My sister thought about the name "Madison" (which is the name of a Manhattan street, for heaven's sake!) but then discarded it because too many girls were named "Madison" these days and she didn't want to follow any fads. It seems she's got at least a little common sense, thank goodness.

Kudos to Carmel who said it "looks like a girl" in the comments box of that earlier post. If I smoked, I'd light a cigar in your honor! Personally I think all babies (even unborn ones), whether male or female, tend to look alike.

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