What A Day!


Written on 11:49 PM by Jack B.

As I write it is 11:28 P.M. , New York City time. I just got back from my Memorial Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

It was steaming hot in that city, I and a few friends checked out of our hotel and spent the morning walking from one end of the Mall to the other...from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital and Union Station. We also checked out the Memorial Day Parade, as a matter of fact we were walking as the back end of the parade was getting ready and who should be an honored guest at the parade but Hall of Fame pitcher and WWII vet, Bob Feller! I actually got my picture taken with him! One of the thrills of my life. Who cares about Hollywood celebrities...this is one of the greatest players in baseball history here. I shook his hand too.

After lunch was the long bus ride back...and it was only then that I realized I was burning red. I'm as pale as a ghost natuarally and the DC sun just fried me. Now my coloring is beet red and I just know it's going to hurt tommorow (and I have to go to work early in the morning too).

So just as I walk in the door and drop all my bags and cameras and such on the floor, just wanting to crawl into bed and sleep, there's a message left for me that my sister has gone into labor. According to my grandmother (the only person answering their cell), the little girl is apparently OK (and so is my sister) and they have named her Monica Grace . Horrible name, I can't see calling any niece of mine "Monica".... and then it hit me, they had actually done it, just as they had threatened, they named the baby after the MGM Hotel in Vegas where they were staying when they got married in a drive-by ceremony. Oh, Lord. MGM (the baby's last name also starts with a M). The poor kid is going to grow up knowing she was not named after a grandmother, or a family friend or a historical figure but a LAS VEGAS CASINO!

Pictures will be posted as I get them.

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