Happy Father's Day!


Written on 3:50 PM by Jack B.

Today is Father's Day. I was going to write a haiku about it but decided three lines wouldn't be able to put my thoughts into words. Fathers are important. In our current society sometimes that fact gets overlooked. Sure, some people may be able to overcome the minority of abusive or absentee fathers out there but for many others that kind of thing can have effects that will last them throughout their lives. On the other hand, a supportive and loving father can make all the difference in the positive life choices their children make and (especially if they are males) affect how they treat the opposite sex and children of their own (if they have any) in the future. My own father and I rarely agree on anything, argue all the time and are as different as two people can be...and yet I can honestly say I'm happy to have had him in my life and he's always been there if his children need him.

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and to all Fathers out there.

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