A Happy and Joyous Christmas to Everyone!


Written on 2:22 PM by Jack B.

How long has it been
Who knows the true date
When a child was born
That would change the world’s fate

No room at the inn
In old Bethlehem
For good carpenter, Joseph
And his wife, Miriyam

In a manger
Where animals once lay
Was born the babe
On that unknown day

It is said only shepherds heard
The angels thanksgiving song
And went to see the baby
Taking their flocks along

2000 years since then
Around the winter solstice
Comes a day especially chosen
And they called it Christmas

But is it really Christmas?
Or was it yesterday?
Does it really matter?
Who’s to say?
Live life to the fullest and...
Have a very Happy, Holy Day!

*please forgive my crude drawing of the Virgin with Child - obviously art was never my best subject

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