Jesus is coming in my mail...


Written on 12:54 PM by Jack B.

Well no, not that Jesus! I'm talking about Pope Benedict's book: Jesus of Nazareth. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and just got an e-mail that it's been shipped. I'm actually excited, this is the first book I've pre-ordered (months ahead of time) since God knows when but I really wanted to read it for myself before the professional "reviews" started coming in and shaping my opinion before I read it. I've read several of the Pope's books (written when he was Cardinal Ratzinger) and I've never read anyone who can speak about theology so clearly and so understandably.

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  1. alex |

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  2. Unknown |

    Id like to read that too, let us know what it's like

  3. Jack B. |

    I got it in but am only in the first chapter. Good stuff, so far!

  4. ~pen~ |

    i love my copy. it is insightful, tremendously wonderful and in-depth.

    what do you think now, almost a month later?

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