Haiku #287 - April Fool's Day


Written on 8:49 PM by Jack B.

On April the first
Try to always tell the truth
Believe it or not

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  1. bob |

    April first found me
    Walking the park, snipe hunting
    Real or not, decide

  2. Jack Bennett |

    I'd like to believe not real.

  3. bob |

    Actually it's real, a snipe is a small bird simlar to a woodcock.

  4. Joyce |

    Just found your blog after discovering the word mendacity! A double hitter! I found a new blog to follow! Here is my April Fool's fibbonacci. If you don't know what it is, google it, you'll be hooked.

    April Fool's Day. Yes!
    It took a while for you to guess.
    This naughty little fib surely is in jest. Gotcha!

  5. Jack Bennett |

    Sorry, I'm late on this but thanks for the comment, Joyce (a favorite name of mine, my aunt is a Joyce). The fibbonacci is really cool. I should try that.


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