I spoke too soon...


Written on 10:38 AM by Jack B.

I knew it was just a matter of time before a Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes story popped up again. I just didn't expect it to be so soon. Thanks Tom and Katie - I knew you wouldn't disappoint me!

Via IMDb.com (so take it with a grain of salt but still...):

Batman Begins actress Katie Holmes is planning to do what neither of Tom Cruise's past two wives did when she weds the movie star - take his name. The tradition-loving actress plans to deviate from Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers' example and go by the name of Kate Cruise, both personally and professionally, when she exchanges vows with her fiance, according to American magazine In Touch. A source tells the publication, "Tom calls her Kate, so he suggested she start going by that professionally." The surname change is something old-fashioned Holmes has always been keen on.
My reply: Uh, Katie. You do know Cruise is not his real name, right? His real surname is Mapother. Cruise was his middle name which he made his stage name. I don't know if he has had it legally changed to "Cruise" or not but do you really want to give up the name you've had all life and the one people you know you by professionally to match your fiancee's fake/middle/stage/changed last name? And calling yourself "Kate" is not going to do anything either, everyone will still call you "Katie". It's like when Charlie Sheen decided he wanted to go by the name of "Charles Sheen" and had himself listed in the movie credits that way - people still called him "Charlie" and eventually he started calling himself that again as well. Besides does "Kate Cruise" or "Kate Cruise Mapother" really sound better than "Katie Holmes"?

Get a grip, Katie, I know you've signed a contract...uh, sorry, I mean "fallen in love" with Tom-Tom but you're acting like you've been brain-washed or he's telling you what to do or some-....oh....wait....right....never mind.

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