Photoshopped Me Part Cinq - I Am NOT Joseph Stalin


Written on 4:36 PM by Jack B.

Though on my off days I do look a little like him. This was me just earlier this week. Why am I wearing sunglasses indoors? Because I had poked my eye out and was in serious pain. Not only could I just barely see, but my right eye looked like it had been used as a punching bag - all red, swollen and sealed shut. So, basically for two days straight I wore shades both indoors and out, so nobody would notice. I actually think this is a pretty good picture of me (not that many exist) since you can't even tell it IS me. The co-worker who took the picture said jokingly that it looked like someone from the FBI had just been lurking in the background (this being cropped from a much larger picture). It doesn't look nearly as good in color as it does in black and white.

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