Blogging for Terri Shiavo...One Year Later


Written on 7:41 PM by Jack B.

Teri Shiavo's feeding tube was removed one year ago. The basic nutrients of life.... She was killed (yes, killed) in a way we wouldn't do to a dog. I thought cruel and inhumane treatement was illegal under the Constitution...but apparently if you're not an adulterous husband with a common-law (not legal) wife and two children who has a lawyer who's a vocal proponent of euthanasia and are being treated in a hospice with connections to said lawyer, add water, foremost of them all was removed from her. For days she basically "dehydrated" (the term the media liked to use instead of "starved", even though it basically meant the same thing) to death. Trying going without food or water for one day. Not easy, is it? Now trying to doing it for a week or more. You'd be dead. Teri (who I actually heard some supposed"doctors" on the talking head TV shows at the time say wasn't even human anymore) lasted longer than many thoughtthat to a media who was rooting for her death, politicians who were cowards and judges who were complicit and you get state-santioned killing...of an innocent person whose only crime was being mentally disabled and unable to feed herself.

One year later, I haven't forgotten. I never will. Nor will many others. The media would have us believe that Terri's supporters were all a bunch of fanatics. I don't know about that. I've never been fanatically about anything (unless you count the NY Yankees) but I do have a long memory and more importantly I vote. I'd be willing to bet many of those who were on Michael Shiavo's side (according to all those polls) are part of the disinterested majority who don' vote and have forgotten about this altogether. More fool them. One day, mosy of us be helpless and dependent on someone other than ourselves, just as we were in infancy, and then who will look at for you? The Florida courts? Not bloody likely.

For more info you can go to: BlogsforTerri and The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation which has continued the fight not to let this happen to somebody else.

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