The Playoffs are Here!


Written on 10:55 AM by Jack B.

So the baseball playoffs are starting. I haven't really blogged throughout this season if only because - as a Yankees fan - I was just expecting my team to make the playoffs. The fact they lost to the Rays for the American League East title doesn't really mean anything these days (sad but true). Wild Card Teams have gone on to the World Series. THIS is when the season really begins. THIS is why Brian Cashman (and every other GM) stockpiles players with zillion dollar contracts who don't do much in the regular season (yes, I'm looking at you AJ Burnett). THIS is the time to start paying attention - because in a limited series anything can happen and any pitcher can shut down a team and anyone can get a lucky bloop hit and POOF! the series is over and the underdog has won.

Sooo, having said that.....GO YANKEES!

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