MY Recent TV Viewing Habits


Written on 12:09 AM by Jack B.

With all the mind-numbing reality shows on TV this summer, I've increasingly started to watch Spanish-language soap operas (telenovelas) and Japanese anime on cable. In both cases I have no idea what the heck is going on (even when the anime is dubbed into English the plot makes no sense) but it seems like everyone in both genres get overly excited and emotional over the slightest thing, the characters themselves are archetypes or even stereotypes without much originality and most of the shows' scenarios and plot-lines are heavily borrowed from previous (different) programs. Who knew Japanese cartoons and Latin melodramas were so similar?

For the most part though I don't try to understand what's going on but make up my own plots and dialogue while I'm watching. I can get pretty ridiculous and far out at times with it - that's what makes it enjoyable. You would be amazed at the stuff the imagination can come up with if you turn the sound off and just watch instead.

As for reality televsion...who needs it?

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