A Real Tulip of Fashion


Written on 7:50 PM by Jack B.

I wish I had taken a picture of myself yesterday. It was a perfect example of my normal (horrible) fashion sense. I went out in public in a blue plaid shirt (cause plaid is rad, yo), black polyester pants, white tube socks, gray boots and to top it all off a olive green army jacket with the collar up.

I looked like either the slacker prince I am or one of those homeless guys you see on the train panhandling. I'd like to say there's a method to my madness but the truth is I usually go throught my clean laundry and whatever's on the top of the pile is what I wear. It's usually used, it's usually retro and out-of-date and it's usually waaay unsheik.

That's what I like and it's way I'm probably not fit to end up in a suit and tie kind of job (which really limits my options). Not that I mind wearing ties (I have dozens of them) but usually only with tan, blue or red shirts. I own several suits and blazers too (I had to buy them when I went job hunting), there's just not much need to where them these days.

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