O, Happy Day


Written on 9:34 PM by Jack B.

Today August 4th 2005 is my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary and my sister's 22nd birthday (yes, she was born on their 10th Anniversary), in addition my mother got home from the hospital after having been there several days for blood tests (all negative, Thank God).

As my sister said there is great irony in the fact that 22 years ago today my mother also opened the day in the hospital. Thankfully both days have ended happily (though sometimes I have my doubts - those with little sisters will know what I mean). Right now, I'm sitting by the computer, the air conditioner cooling me down and a delicious Dunkin Donuts Iced Chocolate Latte at my side. It's calm and peaceful.

May all days be as nice as this one has (so far) turned out to be.

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