5 by 5 Meme


Written on 10:10 AM by Jack B.

Well at least 4 by 5, tagged by Carmel

Five Things in my Freezer:
1. Box of Waffles
2. 3 boxes of Microwavable Pizza
3. A Turkey
4. Cool Whip
5. 2 Ice Racks

Five Things in my Closet:
1. Suits, shirts, sweaters on hangers
2. Collectable plates packed in styrofoam
3. Box of old school textbooks (cause I never throw anything out)
4. Super-8 Camera
5. Ties hanging on the door

Five Items in my Car:
I don't have a car, nor do I even drive so nothing to see here....move along....

Five interesting things in my Backpack:
1. Spare CD-R in case I have to save something from a computer
2. NYC Train Map
3. Schedule of Classes from my school (even if I no longer need it)
4. Extra water bottles in case it gets hot
5. A book to read in case I get bored (even at school!)

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