Boston Massacre Part Deux - Red Sox Swept By Yanks 5 in A Row! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Written on 9:00 PM by Jack B.

How sweet it is! Everything is forgiven when it comes to the Yankee's inconsistent play this season with the sweep of the Blosox or Redsux (depending on how you call them) 5 straight games, outscoring Boston, outpitching Boston, outplaying Boston (led by the truly Most Valuable Player in the majors, Derek Jeter - forget the numbers, is there a player as indespendsible as him?). The Sux are now 6 1/2 games back in the East and trailing in the Wild Card, this after leading the Division for most of the season. Even Big Papi Ortiz couldn't save them this time. What's more, the series revealed how truly horrible the Boston bullpen is (at times it seemed like the Yankees were using the Boston relievers for batting practice). Also if you think about the Red Sox blew their chances to run away with the Division when they could....the Yankees have been without their starting right fielder (Sheffield), their starting left fielder (Matsui), basically 3 steady starting pictchers (Mussina, Wang and Johnson) and 2 dependable relievers (Proctor and Mo Rivera). All of that and the Sux couldn't put the Yankees away (and believe me, despite their above .500 record, the Yankees have been topsy-turvy all season). Now the Yankees are facing mostly sub-.500 teams the rest of the way and the Red Sox have to worry about catching the White Sox and Twins. Honestly, the rest of the season from now on (if the Sux don't come back that is) is pure icing on the cake..

I guess you have to be a Yankee fan to understand how big a win this was, the biggest blow-out of the Sux since 1978 (when the Yankees overtook Boston and went on to win the World Series), the first 5 game sweep of them since 1950s and the first 5 game sweep of them AT Fenway since the 1940s. More importanly, at least in my eyes, it mostly redeems the Great Yankee Choke of 2004 which enabled Boston win the W.S. No more do the Yankees seemed hexed by David Ortiz, Curt Schilling and Red Sox Nation. But you know what they say....God is a Yankee fan!

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