Katie's Parents are Only Waking Up NOW?


Written on 8:29 PM by Jack B.

Now that Katie Holmes is expecting a baby out of wedlock, her parents and friends are only now realizing that Tom Cruise Mapother IV may not be the best son-in-law material.

Katie’s dad furious about shotgun wedding via MSNBC.com:

Tom Cruise’s future father-in-law apparently isn’t a happy camper. Katie Holmes’s dad is said to be “very upset” because his unmarried daughter is pregnant with Cruise’s child. And, what’s more, the devoutly Catholic Martin Holmes reportedly is none-too-thrilled about his daughter’s involvement in her husband-to-be’s controversial religion, Scientology.

“[Martin Holmes] was very upset and got into a real spat with Katie,” the forthcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly quotes “a close friend” of Cruise as saying. “Tom had promised her parents that they would do the right thing and get married before any baby came along.” After scolding his daughter, according to the mag, Martin Holmes berated Cruise by declaring “You’re no good.”

“He said he and his wife were very upset by the news,” according to the source, “and demanded the pair get married quickly.” Furthermore, a member of Christ the King Church, which the Holmes family belongs to, told L&S that Cruise and Holmes’ publicist, his sister Lee Anne DeVette, sent a letter to parishioners, asking them not to talk to reporters.

Although a family friend told the mag that the Holmes family is thrilled by the news of a grandchild, they’re also concerned. “It seemed like Katie was being controlled by Scientologists,” the friend told L&S. “Now they wonder if it’s a Rosemary’s Baby situation, where Katie is being groomed to provide Tom with a child.”

Hmmm, it only "seems" like she's being controlled? And they only "wonder" she's being groomed (like a paid brood mare perhaps) to have Crazy Tom's kid? Where have they been all this time? She didn't even know Tom Cruise until earlier this year when he called her out of the blue because he wanted to get to "know her" (aka more famous starlets turned him down). Within a month or so they were engaged and now within six months they're having a baby and this coming from a Katie Holmes that was dating/engaged to actor Chris Klein for 5 years without feeling the rush to the altar or all of a sudden getting pregnant.

Something tells me this pregnancy before marriage (via turkey baster or what) occured because the Clams and Tom-tom knew the Holmes family were about to try to get Katie from their clutches. Cruise and his crew are some scary dudes.

Link via Elisa at Truth, Beauty, Love, and Elisa.

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