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For the 8th year in a row, the NY Yankees are the champions of the American League East. After a sloppy Friday game in which they had many chances to win and didn't, they beat the Red Sox done today and with Cleveland's loss, have taken the AL East title (even if the Bosox win tommorow). I admit, I was wrong. The Yankees have more heart than I thought. I've never been so happy to eat crow. And this year is all the more sweeter because we had to come back all year long. Except for a literal handful of days all season the Yanks weren't in first place but when the dust clears they were. Bravo!

Kudos go to the Captain, Derek Jeter, for uniting the team. ARod for an MVP season. Gary Sheffield for letting his bat doing all the talking. Jason Giambi for coming back from the literal bottom to having a great year. Cano and Wang for great rookie years. Tom Gordon for being one of the most reliable middle relievers in the league (and there aren't many). For Shawn Chacon for showing everyone (especially the Colorado Rockies) that he still has an All-Star arm and for Aaron Small to have a season pitchers could only dream of, a 33-year old journeyman, in the minor leagues, thinking about hanging it up and retiring, is called up mid-season and goes an incredible 10-0. For Mariano Rivera, the best pitcher in the American league and the best closer in baseball history. And for Joe Torre who showed he could deliver a winner even with a team that played (at several times this season) simply dreadful baseball. The Yanks have been through a lot. Yankee fans have been through a lot. Which just makes this all the more sweeter.

In the best of all possible worlds, the Cleveland Indians win tommorow and the Yanks beat the Red Sox. Then the Indians beat Boston in a one-game playoff. Which would mean the Red Sox get pushed out of the playoff altogether (wouldn't that be ironic after being in 1st place most of the season?). I don't expect that to happen though. The baseball gods wouldn't be that generous. But if there is one team I don't want the Yanks to face in the playoffs its the Red Sox. I could stand New York losing to any other team (Cleveland, LA, Chicago) but not Boston, not again. Of course those Red Sock suck-ups at FOX Sports, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (who were so pro-Boston today I had to turn the sound off the TV) would LOVE for Boston to embarass the "Evil Empire" again, but as a fan of Major League Baseball's "Death Star"-studded team, I'd rather not go down that route again. My nerves couldn't take it.

But let's leave those worries for another. Now let's just soak up this win: GO YANKEES!

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