I could have really used this when I was an Undergrad...


Written on 11:22 AM by Jack B.

Rate My Professor - just look for your college and then look for a particular professor and see how former students grade them and what they have to say.

Personally I don't really have any horror stories about professors - most of mine have been great and the ones that weren't were at least "ok". But I do know a lot of students who have had their whole semester ruined (let alone a class they needed for credits) by just one bad professor - who are by usually either incompetent, boring or dictatorial. Like I said I haven't experienced that first hand but if it weren't for all the great professors who have lent me help, support and the benefit of their time I don't know how I could have made it through 5 years of undergraduate school. Now that I'm a Graduate student, choosing the right professors and the right classes are even more important because the classes are so demanding and the work is that much harder.

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