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Written on 8:10 PM by Jack B.

I've been busy collecting (the often hysterical) articles from all over the place disparaging the new Pope just hours and days after taking office and those (more sane) ones who have defended him but for me the most succint, compact and to the point response to the whining howls of East Coast media elites like Maureen Dowd , Tina Brown and their ilk comes from someone who is not a professional critic of culture or religion but someone who deals with finances and business, Fox News's Neil Cavuto in his piece: Like A Rock

Let me post the entire (short) piece, it says everything I've been thinking since watching the MSM go apopletic on the election of Joseph Ratzinger to the papacy:

Here's a newsflash: The pope is Catholic.

I say that because so
many seem to forget that — seemingly demanding Pope Benedict XVI be something he
is not.

Well, here's another news update: He will never be for abortion.
He will never be for euthanasia. And if you ever say the Catholic Church should
be a democracy, he will never say it is. Because it isn't.

Catholics know that. A lot of Catholics hate that. But I think we'd all be wise
to get over that. Because of this: The pope is here to espouse not the whims of
our times, but the values that stand the test of time.

Some can quibble
over whether priests should marry or laypeople should be more involved. The
church evolves on such matters.

But on basic matters — matters of life
and death, right and wrong — there are no ifs, ands or buts.

On these
matters, any pope — including this pope — stands firm. As so he should.

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