John Paul II was the Evilest Evil that ever Eviled


Written on 1:14 PM by Jack B.

So who was the biggest mass murderer in the last half century - the Soviet commisars? Nope. Idi Amin? Guess again. Fidel Castro? No. How about Osama Bin Laden? What are you crazy everyone knows it's this guy - Karol Wojtyla aka Pope John Paul II. Recently departed before he could pay for his crimes against humanity?

Don't believe me? Just take a gander at the articles I got on just a cursory google search (because I was bored) earlier today:

Tim to speak ill of a dead leader who let millions live in anguish by some Australian person

Then of course there's this masterful response (NOT!) by a petty bigot named Christopher Hitchens who's spent his entire life hating all relgions (especially Catholicism and especially people like Mother Teresa and John Paul II) and can't get over himself - for some reason there a bunch of conservatives who like him because he supported the war in Iraq (who knew that was it all took)

The Pope Has No Vestments
by the Freedom from Religion know the nice folks who protested the lowering of the flag at half-staff for the Pope in Wisconsin. Hey, it's not like he was a head of state or something. Oh wait, he was? Someone should tell them that.

or how about this
The Pope Who Revived the Office of the Inquisition
An American Catholic Reflects on Papacy of John Paul II
by someone who seems about as Catholic as Frances "I want to eat your babies" Kissling, or in other words, not at all.

or this
Pope John Paul II, a reactionary in shepherd's clothing. by some Green Party guy.

or this (heck there's loads of them out there)
A British Obituary of Pope John Paul II
The Pope has blood on his hands
from those the UK Guardian - hey we all know how much the British press loves the Catholic Church, right?

The knives are out indeed. Who knew the old guy was so evil? I didn't. Here am I thinking he was one of the gentlest, human and holy people to come out of the bloodiest century known to man when all the time he was someone who puts Pol Pot and Hitler put together to shame.*sarcasm alert*

Who also knew there were so many bad writers out there with nothing to do in their lives but criticize others? And unoriginal ones at that. If you read the articles carefully they all basically regurgitate the same accusations. It's like there's some kind of anti-John Paul talking points out there. I wouldn't be surprised if there was.

Meanwhile don't you hate it (I'm sure the dissidents do) when Screamin' Bill Donohue of the Catholic League turns out to be right? Remember he did say ... POPE’S BURIAL ENDS THE LULL—STORM COMING

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