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Sorry it took long for me to get around to this
I confess...

I confess I watch American Idol religiously.

I confess I like doing memes because most times I can't think of what to write.

I confess that being a born and bred New Yorker I love this city dearly but if I get the opportunity to do so, I'm getting the hell outta here (if just for awhile)

I confess I say the word "Hell" a hell of a lot.

I confess I always find myself buying books I never read just because they're on sale.

I confess I'd rather watch the Mass on EWTN than actually go to church.

I confess that when I say my ideal woman would be smart with a great sense of humor, I'm really thinking she must be blonde with a great pair of legs.

I confess I spend an inordinate amount of my small wages on comic books.

I confess I don't understand people who think Hillary Clinton is the Second Coming.

I confess I don't understand people who think George W. Bush is the Second Coming.

I confess I can't read "true crime" books with photographs in it because signs of brutality and blood make me squeamish.

I confess I find movie stars from the 1930s-1950s better looking than the ones of today.

I confess I wish I had the skill to paint portraits of people on canvas (or anything else for that matter).

I confess I like wearing sunglasses when I go out walking at night.

I confess I actually like going to my shrink.

I confess I may be the laziest procrastinator on the face of the Earth.

Now as to who gets tagged for this - if you've read it and haven't done and want to do it then consider yourself tagged by me!

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