Tom Cruise is the Biggest Movie Star of All Time? Stop the Insanity!


Written on 10:59 AM by Jack B.

The BBC has a story that Tom Cruise has been voted the most "irritating" movie star in the world . Now you'll get no argument from me there. But he has also been voted "the biggest movie star of all time" by "an Empire magazine poll of 10,000 movie fans". Wanna know who came in second and third? Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford. How about four and five? Al Pacino and Marilyn Monroe. No Clark Gable. No Charlie Chaplin. No Judy Garland. No Mary Pickford. No Marlon Brando. No Katherine Hepburn or Spencer Tracy.

And if Marilyn is in the top 5 then obviously voters weren't limited to living stars. Where are people's sense of history? Where is common sense? Tom Cruise is the biggest star in the history of motion pictures. Tom Friggin Cruise?This is insanity. Who the heck voted in this poll? Just Scientologists?

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