Merry Christmas to Everybody!


Written on 12:32 PM by Jack B.

Whether you're Christian or not, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I want to wish everybody a Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas Day.

May your tummy be filled with food.
May you be in the company of those you love.
May the gifts you recieve be outweighed by the gifts of grace in your heart.
May you recognize that today is the birthday of a child, who was once as small as you and I, but was proof that God had not abandoned us, despite our sinful ways, and wanted to share in our all-too human condition.
May there be peace on Earth to men (and women) of goodwill and for just one day may there be peace and joy in all of our hearts as well.

Life is a WONDERFUL thing (even when it sometimes doesn't seem like it) - so enjoy it to the fullest this Christmas!

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