Written on 10:05 AM by Jack B.

Yes, this is a line from The Planet of the Apes but it sooooo applies today.
As the headline from Drudge reads: Strike in Effect. Stations Closed. Happy Holidays.
NYC is at a standstill as the transit workers went on strike right at one of the busiest periods in the whole year - Christmas time. Yes, classes are basically over for me but work is not! I need to make a little something called money to support myself. But that's gone to hell because I can't get to work! I take buses and trains everywhere - heck, I don't even drive! I'm thinking of getting my sister's old bike out of mothballs and using that to get where I'm going but I'm not sure where the helmet is. Others may disagree the law when it comes to safety but I'm not willing to get a cracked head! Am I babbling? Damn right! Am I pissed? Double damn right!

The people who work for the MTA already make more than many (if not most) of middle-class (and lower middle-class) New Yorkers but they want their money and they want it now! And they'll hold the city hostage to get it. So...even if they want to play Scrooge with the lives of their fellow citizens I say the city should give it to them, for God's sake, and just get the city moving again.

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