Keep Track of Santa as Travels the World


Written on 12:20 PM by Jack B.

For the fifth year in a row, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been keeping track of Santa Claus' progress as he and his reindeer travel the world on Christmas. So for those who want to follow where exactly Santa is at any given time this Christmas Eve (and how close he is to YOUR home), you can check out:
NORAD Tracks Santa 2005

The funny thing is that :::NORAD::: is an actual US government/military agency and it recognizes (I guess) the existence of said Santa Claus (other aliases: Kris Kringle, Saint Nick, Father Christmas). Tell that to those who don't believe in Santa! It almost reminds me of the trial scene in Miracle on 34th Street where because the US Post Office delivered all the letters they got addressed to Santa to Edmund Gwenn's Kris Kringle character, the judge said "Uh, since the United States Government declares this man to be Santa Claus, this court will not dispute it. Case dismissed."

In the same vein, I say, since the US Government (in the form of NORAD) declares Santa Claus to exist, then he does. Take that non-believers! Coal in the stocking for you!

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