Falling Behind, Going Ahead


Written on 3:12 PM by Jack B.

The reason I've been blogging haikus and nothing else (basically) all week is because I'm lazy. No other reason. I wish there was. If there was a picture under the word "SLACKER" in the dictionary it would probably me of me.

I meant to blog some book reviews of books I've read - it didn't happen. Meant to blog on my opinion on the whole John Roberts to Supreme Court thing - still haven't gotten to it. In my personal life, all the things I hoped to get done this month? Didn't do it. And next week its back to work and the daily grind. And then, next month the school semester starts and its back to classes. I don't know what happened. I've fallen so much behind.

The only way I can excuse myself (and I hate doing that) is that its been awfully hot. Like 90 degrees and higher hot and the humidity has even been worse. I've mostly sought out the comfort of the air conditioner and ice tea (the real kind - you know adding ice to actual tea) and then fallen asleep. When I'm asleep I don't feel the heat. So I'm going to try to catch up this weekend...and if not well I've can always come up with some more haikus. They're actually pretty fun to write. I'm hardly a poet but when you write a haiku, by its very nature and limitations, it can come out as if the writer actually put some deep thought into it (which is hardly the case - I swear).

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