My Tuition Went Up...Again!


Written on 8:43 PM by Jack B.

I got my bill in for the Fall Semester today. Out of the blue, the per credit cost for undergrads and graduate students went up about a hundred dollars or so a credit. Since I'm only a part-time Grad student and thus pay per credit this means I had to pony up more dough. They couldn't think to tell me they were going to do this BEFORE I filled out my loan forms?

So, rather than pay the difference out of my ever-depleting and short of money checking account and my charged to the hilt credit cards I had to waste a day and shlep myself off to the Financial Aid office to fill more more loan forms and add about $700 dollars to the amount of money I will owe the government if I should ever manage to leave college. And trust me, those student loan people are the last ones you want after you. Credit card folk you can get around, but Student Loan agents are like loansharks, you pay them or ELSE! If they have to, they'll track you down, garnish your pay, investigate you out to kazoo. Ah, the price of a good education!

But I have to wonder though - has anyone ever heard of a university actually cutting tuition and not continually hiking it up (making it near impossible for anyone who's not rich, an athlete or super-smart to pay for college)? Because I sure as heck haven't.

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