The Hypodermic Tower


Written on 12:23 AM by Jack B.

So they've got a new version of the "Freedom Tower" that will replace the old Twin Towers World Trade Center and be an example of America's defiance at the terrorists and determination and strength to build itself up again. It's going to be 1,776 feet - the largest building in the world. Blah. Blah. Blah. What frickin' B.S.

This was the first design (that took them forever to come up) that was going to be made of glass and steel with windmills at the top and a right-angled spire.

Trust me it looks better as it a model than it would have done it reality. I personally couldn't stand it- nothing about that screams "freedom" at all. And replacing two giant building with one tall glass one that's only taller because of the spire coming out of the top is not exactly a declaration of victory over the terrorists. What it is a declaration of defeat that having two of the most recognizable buildings in the world, we were going to replace it with a building that looked more like it belonged as a set for Disney on Ice than the New York skyline.

But there were a lot of complaints about this glass tower. Families of 9/11 victims didn't like it, various group of safety experts didn't like it saying it wasn't secure enough, the local media critics were harsh on it too. So the architects went back to the drawing board and created a more sleeker, safer, more viewer friendly building and so now have come up with this:

Here's an article on the "improved, safer structure" from Fox News. The building will now be built with stainless steel and titanium to give it a shiny look, instead of a glassy one. More safety precautions, exits and structural supports will be added. The spire will be moved to the center instead of the edge. "In a subtle but important way, this building recalls ... those buildings that we lost," said its lead architect, David Childs. And he's not kidding. The main roof will be the same height as the old WTC tower although they still intend it to be 1,776 feet tall.

So in other words, they have spent millions of dollars over the last FOUR years and instead of creating a real landmark to rival the the now 80 year old Empire State Building, instead of creating a building that would be one of the modern architectural wonders of the world, something that inspires awe and pride not only from the New Yorkers who would have to look at it (and work in it) every day but every American who remembers the Towers falling on September 11th. Instead of a building that would truly be a monument not only to the dead but an exclamation of American strength and ingenuity to the Osama Bin Ladens of the world, we have this.

And what is this new and improved "Freedom Tower"? Something a two-year old could have designed with LEGO blocks. Something that looks more like a hypodermic needle than any actual architectural original. A Hypodermic Tower instead of a "Freedom" one. And what's worse what we basically have here is a building that resembles ONE of the old WTC Towers except with a shiny outside and a big spike through the middle so they can brag that's taller when in actuality the roof is the same height as the fallen buildings. What a way to show Osama he can't beat America, he blows up two of the tallest buildings in the USA and kills over 3,000 people and we replace said buildings with a retread knock-off of just one of them. How brave.

Personally I would have preferred to see the great Antonio Gaudi's incredible originally turn-of-the century design for a giant NYC hotel that had been proposed by some people and talked about by others. Now THAT would have been something unforgettable (just like all of Gaudi's designs) especially in the Manhattan skyline and something that no one ever compare to anything else in the world past or present:

But instead of that we New Yorkers continue to have a giant empty gaping hole in downtown Manhattan where the WTC used to be and where no building work has been done in four years and are promised the new Hypodermic Tower in the future. What a joke (actually, I only wish it was).

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