I Can't Talk About the Yankees


Written on 1:00 AM by Jack B.

The New York Yankees are a lot like a girlfriend who's cheated on you but you stay together. You still love her but you can't totally trust her anymore, no matter what she says. So when the Yankees play good I can't trust them. This is after all a team that was on winning streak and looked to be getting out its funk, only to get punked by none other than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. So the fact that Giambi is hitting, the fact that Bernie is "burning", the fact that they seem able to come back when they are in a hole proves nothing to me. When they beat the Red Sox in a series or take the lead in the American League East, then we'll talk but until then...no.

I don't mind rooting for a team that's a loser - you can take some pride in the fact you're a die-hard fan. I mean I remember being a Yankee fan during the years when Stump Merrill was manager in the early 90s and thats about how bad it gets. They may have been bums, but at least they were my bums. And needless to say, rooting for a team when they're playing well doesn't take much effort at all. Just ask the bandwagon-jumping Yankee fans who have popped out of the woodwork in the last decade or so. But...rooting for a mediocre .500 team is no fun at all. They win two in a rown then go on to lose three, win four, lose six. Inconsistancy and underachievment are their by-words. It's nauseauting. One can enjoy the skill and excitement of a winning team, one can feel pity and fondness for a losing team but an average .500 team is just boring.

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