Firefox is My Friend


Written on 6:40 PM by Jack B.

I was never that interested in internet browsers. To me, one seemed the same as another. Since (like most Windows users) Microsoft's Internet Explorer was my default browser that's what I used and was content.

But because I wanted to use my account with my college library at home I had to switch to either Mozilla's Firefox or Netscape (IE wouldn't work). I flipped a coin and it came up Firefox.

Now I see what I was missing. Compared to Internet Explorer's no-frill-ness, Firefox is faster, with more capabilities, safer against viruses with lots of add-ons which gives it all the bells and whistles and options that a person like me prefers.

So now I use Firefox all the time and Internet Explorer not at all. I can see now why people complain about Bill Gates and him forcing IE on everyone who buys a PC with Windows installed. If you didn't know any better (as I didn't) you would think that's as good as it gets, when in fact compared to it's competitors it doesn't measure up.

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