NY TIMES: Pope Not As Evil As We Thought


Written on 9:04 PM by Jack B.

Of course, that's not the actual title of the NY TIMES piece by Ian Fisher - Even Former Skeptics Are Warming Up to the Pope as the Ex-Watchdog Turns Gentle - but that is the gist of it. It's taken me several days to write this thing (cause I'm lazy) and my comments are in red.

The very name - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - was once enough to provoke strong reactions among Roman Catholics: confidence among the more orthodox that the church stood for something firm, and fear among liberals of a harsh, closed-off faith. But in the two months since Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, he has not evoked such instantly polar emotions. Supporters and skeptics alike say Benedict is revealing himself as a man more complicated, subtle and personally warm than many had expected from his years as the Vatican's defender of the faith.

He has, to be sure, served up much meat to orthodox Catholics - precisely his appeal to many of them. He has condemned homosexuality, gay marriage and the use of condoms to prevent AIDS. He intervened in Italian politics this month to keep in place a highly restrictive law on medically assisted fertility. This pleased some Catholics but raised high enough alarm in Italy about papal interference that President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi spoke of the "necessary distinction" between church and state during a meeting with Benedict last month.
Yet many Catholics who disagree with him on those points note that his once granite oratory has softened. In the weeks before his election, he delivered lectures with contentious punches at the "dictatorship of relativism" or "filth in the church." But since then, he talks less about sin than about the love of Jesus.
All this talk about serving up "meat". As if Benedict is merely playing to the crowd like a politician making a speech. As for intervening in Italian politics, Benedict XVI is Bishop of Rome and Primate of Italy, spiritual leader of the Catholics in Italy (at least a quarter of whom - millions of people - are practicing Catholics). These are not figurehead titles. All the Pope's power comes from being Bishop of Rome, he has a duty to speak out on faith and morals to his flock. And if bio-engineering and manipulation of embryos/human life is not faith and morals I don't know what is. The Pope didn't intervene, he did his job. Some people may have raised "high alarm" but they were in the minority since the Catholic Church's "intervention" in the referendum was an overwhelming success and that those supporting the referendum went down to such a colossal defeat that no one (especially the press) expected. But Mr. Fisher doesn't mention that, does he?

While any new pope would come up short in the inevitable comparisons with to the powerfully magnetic and charismatic John Paul II, Benedict has his own low key, unassuming appeal. His manner is gentle, even shy, his voice quiet and his reasoning clear, the focus less on him and his strong views than on the church and its teaching. "I have been pleasantly surprised by what we have seen thus far," said the Rev. Keith F. Pecklers, an American Jesuit who is a professor at the Gregorian, a pontifical university in Rome. "What strikes me is that he is clearly a man of deep prayer and spirituality. He is very intelligent, a good theologian. And he is very humble. He clearly does not want to call attention to himself."
Ahem, Fr. Pecklers, as a professor at the (Jesuit) Gregorian University you've probably lived in Rome for how long? Yet you say you're "surprised" at what you see of Benedict? It's only now that you see that Ratzinger is a "man of deep prayer", a "good theologian" and "humble"? Seems to me anyone who's known him for any length of time has described him that way? Didn't you believe them?

Crowds still fill St. Peter's Square for papal audiences, as they did for John Paul. Some are strong supporters, some say they are waiting and seeing. Many of the latter seem willing to extend the papal honeymoon, be it for love of the church, respect for the papacy or affection for the man. Many Catholics loved John Paul even while disagreeing with him. "At first, I wasn't sure about this pope," said Teresa La Peruta, 59, a homemaker from Naples who, along with thousands of other Catholics, cheered Benedict recently in St. Peter's Square, even though she did not like his involvement in the fight over the fertility law. "I have to be honest: I didn't like him."

Benedict, 78, had just delivered a typically elegant Bible lesson and greetings in a score of languages. Later, a firefighter's hat, lampshade large, was propped atop the papal head. A man in a wheelchair asked him to share some words with someone on his cellphone, reported later to be a terminally ill nun. The pope fumbled with the phone, but took the call with no fuss at all. "He is beginning to win me over," said Ms. La Peruta. "I hope he does so more and more."

Longtime supporters say they are not surprised that Benedict has engendered such affection. The image of the cold enforcer, they say, was always a caricature. "I have known this man for a very long time, and what I am seeing, frankly, is the man I have always known," said George Weigel, a biographer of John Paul who is finishing a book on Benedict.

"It is not the pyrotechnic personality of Karol Wojtyla," he added, using the given name of John Paul, who died on April 2. "It's the attractiveness of a man who knows exactly who he is, who, like John Paul II, is a genuine Christian radical, and
who can explain the depth of Christian faith in a kind of winsome way."

Hold on a minute, if the image of the pope was always a "caricature" why did you repeat said caricature in the very first paragraph of your report, Mr. Fisher? Aren't you by doing so perpetuating the stereotype that your entire article seems to be refuting? And why only get a quote from someone who "didn't like" Ratzinger? Wouldn't it have been more balanced and objective to get a quote from one of those people who are cited as "strong supporters"? But I guess balance doesn't exist at the NY TIMES.

For more liberal Catholics, the current honeymoon represents a victory of style over substance: Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, an American group that advocates abortion rights, said Benedict had reached out to non-Catholics but not to Catholics who disagree with church teaching on abortion, contraception or the place of women in the church. "It reminds me of my mother," Ms. Kissling said. "My mother was a person all my friends adored. She wasurbane. She was modern. And she was charming. Yet at home she was a strict disciplinarian and a pain in the neck." She said she had hoped that a new pope would "concentrate intensely on healing the deep political rift that exists between orthodox Catholics and liberal or progressive Catholics, because the church internally is in bad shape." Under Benedict, she predicted, "this is not going to happen."

Frances Kissling? FRANCES FREAKIN KISSLING? This is the best you can do, Mr. Fisher? There is nothing "Catholic" about "Catholics for a Free Choice", the US Bishops have distinctly said that far from being "Catholic", CFFC is an anti-catholic organization funded by groups like the Ford Foundation, the Playboy Foundation, Ted Turner and Warren Buffett - groups and people who have no history of giving to any "Catholic" entity except the CFFC. Frances Kissling used to own and operate abortion clinics, a fact of which she is still proud (and which earns her automatic excommunication which is why no Bishop actually has to go out and formally declare as she has dared them to do). She has openly declared "war" on the Catholic Church, tried to have the Vatican City State/Holy See kicked out of the United Nations since she says it isn't a state (despite the fact that has diplomatic relations with almost every country in the world and if isn't a state what is it - it's certainly not part of the Italian Republic), in an article in the decidely liberal and abortion friendly New Republic did an article in 1995 by Jennifer Bradley in which Kissling refused to say what parish she goes to but did say she never goes to confession (one of the mandatory sacraments of the Catholic Church) because she has NOTHING to confess! And this is who Ian Fisher relies on the for the "liberal" side in his article? Couldn't he be bothered to find an actual Catholic or was Kissling the first name on his Catholic Dissident Rolodex?

Still, the gentler than expected public appeal is welcome for some. Both critics and supporters of John Paul worried at times that his huge outdoor Masses and rock-star appeal had the effect of focusing attention on the man. Benedict, less comfortable in the spotlight, has shifted the public's focus to the papal office, the church and its rituals. "John Paul was a man whose persona commanded stage center wherever he was and in whatever context, and that was part of his being a giant walking upon the earth," said the Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, editor of the traditionalist Catholic magazine First Things. "Joseph Ratzinger is a man who has lived his life rather quietly when you get right down to it, within the church and for the church."

For many Vatican watchers, it is simply too early to draw strong conclusions. One early event that is likely to be telling, many say, is the celebration of World Youth Day, an annual event started by John Paul, to be held Aug. 16 to 21 in Cologne, Germany, Joseph Ratzinger's native land. Other opportunities to assess him will be his first encyclical - a major theological document in which he will spell out the major themes of his papacy - and how he makes key Vatican appointments.

Joseph Ratzinger is 78 years old. He probably has more of a track record and a known history than any Bishop of Rome since St. Gregory VII (Hildebrand), people who say it's "too early to draw conclusions" are blowing smoke or deluding themselves. Ratzinger will be the same Ratzinger he has always been. Those who think he's "different" than he was or "changing" are just reflecting their own previous prejudices about the man.

Still, in speeches and audiences, Benedict has given many hints of his direction. A leading theologian with several books and scores of speeches over decades, he has not departed much from his long paper trail, with his concerns about relativism - the idea that all beliefs are equal - secularism and a modern world that, he believes, has left God behind.

"Italian culture is one that is intimately permeated with Christian values," he said when he visited President Ciampi in June. "My hope is that the Italian people not only resist reneging on their Christian heritage, which is part of their history, but that it guards it jealously so that it brings fruits worthy of its past."

He also said his papacy would focus on marriage and the sanctity of all human life. He shows no hint of doctrinal softening. In a new book, "The Europe of Benedict: The Crisis of Cultures," the text of which was written before he became pope and which was released in Italy this month, he says secularism could lead to discrimination against the church's right to preach what it believes. "Very soon, one will not be able to affirm that homosexuality, as the Catholic Church teaches, constitutes an objective disorder in the structure of human existence," he wrote.

What exactly does "doctrinal softening" mean in Mr. Fisher's eyes? And who exactly expected this "softening". Certainly not the so-called "Voice of the Faithful" group who say they don't question the Church's doctrine. And not the proponents of a married clergy who say that's a discipline and not doctrine. Not even the advocates of women's ordination who complain that the ordination of women is not doctrinal (the Church says otherwise but what the hey). So who wanted the "softening", Mr. Fisher? I don't think even the most liberal Catholic realistically expected any of the 117 voting Cardinals in the Conclave would change doctrine if they were elected. The only people who did in the wake of Benedict XVI's election were non-Catholics like Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the mainstream media (BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc.) or people who call themselves "Catholic" but really know next to nothing of the faith they profess (like Christ Matthews of Hardball) or want the Church to bless their lifestyles (like Andrew Sullivan). I wonder which of these Ian Fisher qualifies under.

His writings have found a new and larger audience, one that appreciates their intelligence and clarity. " I feel less alone when I read the books of Ratzinger," the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci told The Wall Street Journal last month. "I am an atheist, and if an atheist and a pope think the same thing, there must be some truth there." Experts say Benedict, who was one of John Paul's top aides, is largely treading the same theological ground as his predecessor. His continuation of John Paul's outreach to other faiths surprised some, given the doubts that he has raised in the past about ecumenism.
Now come on, Mr. Fisher, that's just dishonest. Ratzinger never raised "doubts" about ecumenism, only in the expectations some had about ecumenism that would lead to relativistic thinking. As head of the CDF and even before that as Archbishop of Munich, Ratzinger has been on the forefront of ecumenical relations. He was one of the engineers of the Joint Declaration on Justification with the Lutherans and his relationship with Judaism can clearly be seen by how quickly Jewish groups rose to his defense when the talk of the "Hitler Youth Nazi Pope" started in the media. Perhaps Mr. Fisher is talking about Dominus Iesus, the John Paul II-approved document that stated all non-apostolic Christian and non-Christian faith in general are deficient, as opposed to the Catholic Church, even though they still can contain elements of the truth. This document supposedly puts Ratzinger outside the pale, but exactly what does it say that the Catholic Church hasn't taught for 2000 years? For the Catholic Church, Jesus of Nazareth is the means of salvation and the truest path to Jesus is through HIS Church, be it the Western Catholic or Eastern Orthodox which have kept faith to the tradition handed down from the apostles. This has always been the teaching of the Catholic Church, even after Vatican II, some people apparently just didn't like to be reminded of that fact. To deny one's faith is the Truth as a means of ecumenicalism, is not true ecumenicalism at all, but a denial of one's core beliefs. Obviously, Mr. Fisher doesn't get that.

But some differences have emerged, too. He shows no inclination, for example, to canonize as many saints as did John Paul, who declared 483 people to be saints, more than all his predecessors combined. While speeding up the process to beatify John Paul, Benedict resisted demands to proclaim immediate sainthood. John Paul could tend toward the mystical in his preaching; Benedict tends to be "down to earth," in the words of one Vatican watcher. Benedict's lower public profile was signaled early. Several Vatican officials say he wanted his installation Mass as pope held not outside in St. Peter's Square but in the more private basilica.

He was talked out of it, and since then has often appeared in public. But he does not seem to try to work the crowds. At a recent public audience, he waved away applause for him as he was beginning a prayer. One day last month, he drove through downtown Rome in a convertible, waving, but stopping only for a moment to shake hands with Rome's mayor, Walter Veltroni, in Piazza Venezia.

The real question I have about this article is - who was it written for? I mean who really (aside from NY TIMES readers, that is) actually was "afraid" of Pope Benedict? Most Catholics I know didn't have an opinion of the man at all and the ones who did were overjoyed he was Pope. This is such an in-the-beltway piece that's not really meant for "regular" readers of the world, but for the Ian Fishers of the world, his bosses, his fellow reporters and the limousine liberals on the Upper West Side who they go to parties with who have never read a word Ratzinger has ever written nut know he used to be head of the "Inquisition" (newspapers favorite word for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith even though it hasn't been called that in over a century or two) and is just as conservative than Pope John Paul II. Who would these people have preferred? I bet none of them could even name more than a handful of cardinals off the top of their head, yet they would have us think anyone was better than Ratzinger. Why? There's no one with more experience, no one who knows more about theology, no one has played such an integral part in the events of the world (from WWII on) than Ratzinger....and not even his enemies have doubted his piety.

If the only dirt they could dig up on a 78-year old man was that he was forcibly drafted into the Hitler Youth when he was 14 (and then got out of it) you begin to realize how squeaky-clean Benedict XVI is. It seems to me the only candidates for Pope the NY TIMES would have liked would John Shelby Spong (who is not only Episcopalian but denies most basic Christian beliefs) or the Grand Sophist himself Mario Cuomo. Instead they get someone who is not only Catholic but actually believes in what the Catholic Church teaches and acts on it (unlike the aforesaid Mr. Cuomo), and then they act shocked. Personally I find that if the NY TIMES doesn't like you, then you must be doing something right. In that sense this article seems to be more about frustration on Ian Fisher's part than anything the Pope has been doing.

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