Haiku #201


Written on 7:17 AM by Jack B.

My wrist is in pain
Too much handwriting in class
Got to go soak it

5 Silly Things About Me


Written on 10:21 PM by Jack B.

1. Drink of choice: Diet Dr. Pepper with Tomato Juice (touch of Vodka optional).

2. I spend a lot of time just playing with the fonts everytime I write a document with the computer.

3. Usually, I'm the cheapest person I know, but anytime I see something on SALE (even on something I don't need/want) I usually buy it.

4. The more obscure the book or factoid - the more I remember it.

5. Favorite color for button-down shirts: PLAID.

Got this meme from Carmel, and you can consider yourself tagged by me if you want to do this and haven't done so already.

Haiku #200


Written on 10:11 PM by Jack B.

Two hundredth haiku
I really should get a life
Need more challenges

I Just Realized I Haven't Blogged In Over A Week


Written on 1:24 AM by Jack B.

This Italian translation class is driving me up a wall and sucking up all my time. I don't even have time to check e-mail let alone do my daily blog checking up. I'll spend up FOUR hours a day doing translations and yet I am still failing the class (which I'm taking to fufill the foreign language requirement my Master's degree demands). I'm just horrible with all languages other than English (and Esperanto, but thats another story). Thankfully the class ends next week and beginning in August I can get a mini-breather before I go back to my job...I was never so looking forward to going back to work.

In the mean time here's another picture of my little niece, Monica Grace:

Busy, busy....

Haiku #199


Written on 11:42 PM by Jack B.

Amen for Friday
Finally the weekend starts
Party time, people!

Haiku #198


Written on 7:20 PM by Jack B.

Reading on Thursday
Studying for those quizzes
Even though I'll fail

Haiku #197


Written on 10:30 PM by Jack B.

Wednesday is no fun
Stuck in middle of the week
Pray for some free time

I always thought I was more a Peter myself...


Written on 8:25 PM by Jack B.

You Are Bobby Brady

Ultra competitive, you will do almost anything to win. From pull ups to pool sharking, you're very talented.
And while everyone is aware of your victories, they still (affectionately) consider you to be a little brat!

I guess you never can tell...

Hat tip to Carmel for this link and also for her Yahoo avatar which gave me the idea to get my own....which is on sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>

I Really Do Love Pumpkin Pie


Written on 8:17 PM by Jack B.

find your inner PIE @ stvlive.com

So this result didn't bother me at all.

Hat tip to The Happy Catholic

Haiku #196


Written on 8:13 PM by Jack B.

Tuesday goes by fast
At least it does in Summer
When too hot to move

Haiku #195


Written on 11:46 PM by Jack B.

Monday back to work
Even if mind's still asleep
Perk up the body

Haiku #194


Written on 4:22 PM by Jack B.

Sunday is for rest
But no rest for the wicked
I have things to do

Haiku #193


Written on 7:54 PM by Jack B.

Lazy Saturday
I'm doing what I do best
Pretty much nothing

Haiku #192


Written on 10:59 PM by Jack B.

Was a humid day
Showers falling around too
Is it sweat or rain

Haiku #191


Written on 11:55 AM by Jack B.

Talking on the train
I don't mind it as a rule
But lower your voice

Everyone Seems to Have an IPod but Me These Days...


Written on 11:41 PM by Jack B.

Though what my niece, Monica Grace, could possibly be listening to at this early point in her life, I have no idea. Really do I need an IPod? My youngest sister has a little 1GB Nano and has 200 songs on it - 2/3 of which she doesn't even listen to! What's the point....except to be cool and buy all the accessories that go with the thing?

Haiku #190 - For Independence Day 2006


Written on 4:04 PM by Jack B.

Our Founding Fathers
They put it all on the line
Small chance of success

Offering their lives
Fortunes and Sacred Honor
For their liberty

Country’s not perfect
But no where else is better
For those who can dream

The least we can do
Is love the red, white and blue
More than just a flag

U.S.A.'s birthday
A freedom celebration
Happy Fourth to all!

Haiku #189


Written on 5:43 PM by Jack B.

Go to the egress
From whence all failures have come
You will find me there