Get Ready To Rumble! Yankees vs. Boston with Everything on the Line!


Written on 4:49 PM by Jack B.

Those who have read my previous posts on the Yankees this season know I haven't been at all optimistic. Several times I've even written them off. At no time have I allowed myself to get that excited about their chances. Their playing has been uneven and at times more than mediocre, their middle relief pitching has been horrible and their starting pitching has been hurt and erratic. They've hit but not always in the clutch. Outside of Mariano Rivera, no one on this team is a sure thing and it seems that outside of a couple days all season they've been playing catch-up - outside of the playoff picture and behind the Red Sox for the first time in years.

Yet with all that they've won over 90 games, have one of the best records in the majors and a one game lead in the American League East going into the last 3 games of the season - all against their arch-enemy, the Boston Red Sox, who so notoriously embarrassed the Yankees last season in the AL Championship Series on their way to their firstWorld Series title since they traded Babe Ruth to New York. The Yankee aura of invincibility was forever broken and my faith in them greatly shattered.

Yet here we are, all they have to do is win 2 out of 3 from the Red Sox in Boston and the East is theirs, even if they win just 1 out of 3, they can force a one-game playoff. If they play well enough and the Indians win their games against Chicago they might even be able to push the Red Sox out of the playoffs altogether (wouldn't that be sweet after last season?). But that's a lot of ifs and the Yankees this season if anything have been inconsistent. Yet for the first time this season I'm going to try to be optimistic and let the chips fall where they may. Have some faith that the Yankees themselves want it more than the Red Sox do. Have some faith the Yankees themselves want it as much as their fans do. Have some faith period.

The one thing the Yankees should NOT do is give Big Papi, David Ortiz, anything good to hit. Manny Ramirez may be a future Hall of Famer but I'm not afraid of pitching to him. Ortiz, by contrast, is a Yankee killer and the Yanks can't let him beat them. Ortiz really is the MVP of the American League this year (and I say that as someone who loathes the Red Sox), his team would be nowhere without his clutch hitting. His nearest competition for the award, Alex Rodriquez of the Yankees, while being the better overall player is not even the "most valuable player" on the Yankees (that would be Mariano Rivera). If a guy (even one who maybe the best player in the major league) is not even the MVP of his own team, should he really be the MVP of the league? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, it's just a few hours till the Battle for the East commences. I'm holding out hope against hope: Go Yankees!

Just Call Me Apollo...


Written on 4:30 PM by Jack B.

You scored as Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo). You have spent your life trying to life up to and impress your Dad, shame he never seemed to notice. You are a stickler for the rules. But in matters of loyalty and honour you know when they have to be broken.

Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo)


President Laura Roslin


Lt. Kara Thrace (Starbuck)


Commander William Adama


CPO Galen Tyrol


Dr Gaius Baltar


Col. Saul Tigh


Number 6


Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer)


Tom Zarek


What New Battlestar Galactica character are you?
created with

Who just happens to be my favorite character on the show (which rocks by the way, to those who haven't seen it)

Link thanks to Jamie, the Eye of Polyphemus who also came out as Apollo (great minds must think alike)

Haiku #82


Written on 7:55 AM by Jack B.

Built a house of straw
Scared away the salesmen till
Picked apart by crows

Haiku #81


Written on 12:39 AM by Jack B.

Built a house of sand
It lasted a day then fell
Scattered by the waves

Haiku #80


Written on 9:40 AM by Jack B.

Wasn't what you thought
Still when I said what I said
Wasn't what I meant

Haiku #79


Written on 10:13 AM by Jack B.

In my solitude
I think of you constantly
But where are you now?

Haiku #78


Written on 9:19 AM by Jack B.

Melodic shadows
Sounds of rhythm in the dark
The song stays with me

Haiku #77


Written on 12:38 AM by Jack B.

In my opinion
Big hair is better than none
If you're a woman

But if you're a man
It is better to be bald
Than a bad toupee

Ha! Ha! This is So, So True of Me...


Written on 9:36 PM by Jack B.

You speak eloquently and have seemingly read every
book ever published. You are a fountain of
endless (sometimes useless) knowledge, and
never fail to impress at a party.
What people love: You can answer almost any
question people ask, and have thus been
nicknamed Jeeves.
What people hate: You constantly correct their
grammar and insult their paperbacks.

What Kind of Elitist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Link thanks to Winterr's words

The Yankees are in First Place...Again


Written on 4:36 PM by Jack B.

But remember we've been here before this season and look how long that lasted. A whole day? Two? I'll believe it when I see it. I didn't use to say that about the New York Yankees but then after last year's "Choke Heard Round the World" in the League Championship Series my confidence in this bunch is basically shot. They've got something to prove. To their fans...and to themselves.

Haiku #76


Written on 10:18 AM by Jack B.

What's become of us
Who once were so close, so dear
Lies a great chasm

The Getting to Know Me Meme


Written on 9:39 PM by Jack B.

Tagged by The Holy Fool

Getting to Know Me ...

5 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Finish my novel and get it published (just one, that's all I ask!)
2. Travel the world literally from pole to pole
3. Earn enough so if I make it to old age, I don't have to worry about money.
4. Build my dreamhouse in the country.
5. Meet my soulmate (if such a thing/person exists).

5 things I can do:

1. Literary criticism
2. Film criticism and theory
3. Remember obscure facts and dates that will not help me in life (think Jeopardy questions and you'll know what I mean)
4. Go for hours without speaking
5. Read very fast

5 things I cannot do:

1. Math
2. Heavy lifting
3. Remembering faces
4. Fixing computers
5. Have a good sense of direction

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Sense of humor
2. Easy-going attitude
3. Intellectual curiosity
4. Good hygiene
5. A great pair of legs (yes, I am that shallow)

5 things I say most often:

1. Oh, crap.
2. Does this look right?
3. I have no idea.
4. I should have it finished by...
5. I couldn't say.

5 celebrity crushes:
mine in alphabetical order
1. Linda Cardellini
2. Jennifer Connelly
3. Salma Hayek
4. Dawn Wells (who will ALWAYS be Mary Ann to me)
5. Kate Winslet

As for who to tag, I've seen this meme around a lot so I'm not sure who's done it and who hasn't. So if you're reading this and haven't done it, consider yourself tagged by me, okay?

Haiku #75


Written on 10:56 AM by Jack B.

Photograph of you
Hangs framed in front of my eyes
Glass soaked with regrets

This would be the Roman Emperor I'd like to be in any case...


Written on 4:10 PM by Jack B.

you are augustus caesar
You're Augustus, the first emperor of Rome. He had
a lot of drive and skill, possessing a
respectable spirit and the ability to persuade.
His wife was alwasys in his ear, she has a
BIGGER persuasive spirit. He's a God.

What Julio-Claudian Roman Emperor are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to Eve Tushnet for the link.

Haiku #74


Written on 10:22 AM by Jack B.

Alas, love's heartbreak
Does one ever recover
Without pangs of pain

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!


Written on 3:57 PM by Jack B.

To help celebrate the day don't forget to try to add the phrases to your normal conversation:

"Ye scurvy dogs"

"More beer, wench"

"Shiver me timbers"

"Ahore there, ye mateys"

"Walk the plank"

"Skull and bones"

"Round up the pirate flag"

"Give us yer booty"

"Aye, aye, Cap'n"

"YARGH!" (generic pirate term that can mean anything)

and of course

"And it is, it is a glorious thing.

To be a Pirate King."*

With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan

Haiku #73


Written on 3:04 PM by Jack B.

Do you see the rose?
What color is it to be?
Red, White, Blue, Yellow

When I'm Stupid, I'm REALLY STUPID!


Written on 2:46 PM by Jack B.

Last night I was relaxed in bed watching one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, A Matter of Life and Death, directed by the great Michael Powell (who would have turned 100 this month) and starring David Niven and Kim Hunter on TCM. Anyway I was watching with the remote control in my hand (while the TV is on, the remote always seems glued to my hand) and when the movie is over and I wasn't aware of what I was doing I turned to the side, my arm came up and the top of the remote control went SLAM! right between the eyes in the area right above the bridge of my nose. And when I say SLAM! I mean it, I wasn't aware I could hit anything that hard, let alone my own face. Be careful of reflex actions. They can hurt.

The pain was unbearable. Lucklily I was in bed and could smash my face against something soft but it left me with head aches all night and this morning and still right now I'm still smarting over yet. The funny thing despite the fact it's sensitive to the touch and painful, there is no visible mark, either on my nose or near my eye nor anywhere else. Someone could have punched me and given me a black eye and it would have shown more and hurt less. Since I'm paranoid to begin with now I have the sneaking suspicion that if anything tragic happens - if my sight goes out, a blood clot or some kind of rare blood disease, I'll look back at last night and say "If only I had not hit myself in the face with a friggin' TV remote, none of this would be happening!".

Makes no sense I know but much of my life makes no sense. Except that fact that I can safely predict that whenever I find myself doing really stupid, I can safely predict it will be done in a BIG WAY.

Note: This anecdote has nothing to do with anything at all, except for my own personal chronicle of stupidity. Ignore it safely.

The Marvel That Is Human Life


Written on 12:31 AM by Jack B.

A 10 week old fetus as it appears in the womb.

A couple of weeks ago I watched an incredible special on the National Geographic Channel on cable called: In The Womb. It showed the development of a child from conception to birth (it turned out to be a girl!) using the latest technology and cameras inside the mother's body. It was pretty amazing. As someone who being a male will (naturally) not give birth to a child it was a wonder to see the process of development from single cell, to zygote to fetus to live baby. Within days the cell/egg starts dividing and stem cells develop which will be the building blocks of all organs. By a month or two, neurons will have developed that will within the coming weeks produce the first sign of a heart beat, the development of eyes (which are not open yet still there), the brain stem and other organs. By 7 months (28 weeks) the child physiology is basically complete and from there on in its just a matter of growing with its organs and nervous system becoming stable. And in last 3 months the child becomes more and more aware, it starts to think( for lack of a better term), it sleeps, it even dreams (maybe), its still dark within its mother's womb but it can get used to music if its played over and over again and it starts to stretch and test itself, moving around, leading to the kicks mothers often feel. I was also in awe of how much just one little baby can take out of the mother. The child feeds off the mother and her blood supply. If she is weak, it is weak. I can't imagine what its like for mothers pregnant with multiple children at once.
I was really in thrall of how this one little cell could turn out to be such a beautiful little girl in the span of mere months. How complicated the human body is. How wonderful. More than anything it cemented my feelings of sickness at the casual experimentation and bio-engineering on human embryos in the name of "progress" and the destruction of fetuses especially in the later months in the name of that most benign of euphemisms, "choice". Of course I had these feelings before but they were more academic and idealistic than real. Biology was never my strong suit and I shied away from seeing anything to do with pictures of people's insides. But I do know enough to realize that human life is a marvel and the way it all comes together to form a person, like each one of us, is in its way a miracle - even if it's a miracle we can't see it with our own eyes.
I don't when the program will be on again but for those who get the National Geographic Channel (or if its shown on another channel) it's more than worth catching. In just two hours you'll see a lifetime.

A 28 week old fetus. Over the next four weeks, its nervous system will become as advanced as a newborn's.

I also recommend the children's book: Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman, the complete book is on-line and it's not that long. Its told from the point-of-view of a baby in the womb. I think its beautifully written and perfect to be shared with children when trying to explain to them what pregnancy and "having a baby" really is.

Haiku #72


Written on 1:37 AM by Jack B.

My pencil point breaks
While I was writing this poem
Lead can't be trusted

My Experience with FEMA


Written on 4:30 PM by Jack B.

FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) has been rightly criticized for its (lack of) response to Hurricane Katrina and how it has effected New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Here is the experience I had with them just this week:

My college is (like many other schools) doing fund-raising for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The fund-raising is for just that, funds, dough, money. However some people wish to give food or clothing or other material good to the victims who have lost so much. The college has no direct means to get this stuff to the victim so we needed to find an outside organization who could handle it. I volunteered to do some calling around. I called the Salvation Army (but their pick-up number was closed for the day and anyway I was told that what the SA and the American Red Cross was really looking for was cash), I called Catholic Charities USA (but they couldn't do it), I called the NYS number for disaster relief and was told to call local social services, so I called NYC Social Services (but they weren't accepting clothes) but Social Services told me to call FEMA.

So, for the last phone call of the day (I was still on campus) I called the FEMA Hotline. This was the only way I could talk to an actual person instead of a pre-recorded message and it was the same line victims of disaster used as well as other people...and I was put on hold. First, they said it would be 15 minutes. So I waited while music played on the other line. Every several minutes after that a computerized message came on saying it would be only 5 more minutes before someone could answer my call and to "please continue to hold". After 20 minutes on hold I was still waiting and got yet another message that it would be "five minutes" longer. Well I couldn't hold on any longer. I had places to be. One would think 20 minutes would be enough for an operator to become available. One would think that in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the worst disaster in modern US history they would have hired more operators (at least temporarily) for their hotline number. It's not like FEMA doesn't have the funds. What if I had been stuck in my house in New Orleans or had my home destroyed in Alabama and desperately needed help. Do those people have 20 minutes or more to spare when their very existence is on the line? After all, FEMA didn't know what I was calling for.

What a way to run a government agency! No wonder the head of FEMA had to resign, but it seems to me he's hardly the only person at that agency whose head should roll! And in the meantime we still have food and clothes ready to give to those who need it and its just going to no good use.

Haiku #71


Written on 1:37 PM by Jack B.

I love Jane Austen
She gave us just six novels
Each as good as gold

Haiku #70


Written on 8:17 AM by Jack B.

Three Bronte sisters
Sturm und drang, melodrama
Very depressing

Who Would I Be in 1400?


Written on 9:12 PM by Jack B.

The Monk
You scored 15% Cardinal, 64% Monk, 50% Lady, and 45% Knight!
You live a peaceful, quiet life. Very little danger comes you way and you live a long time. You are wise and modest, but also stagnant. You have little comfort, little food and have taken a vow of silence. But who needs chatter when just sitting in the cloister of your abbey with The Good Book makes you perfectly content.

Link: The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test written by KnightlyKnave on Ok Cupid
Frankly, I'm not that surprised. I like my solitude. Thanks again to Julie at Happy Catholic

To Be or Not To Be...


Written on 2:21 PM by Jack B.

You scored 18 evilness, 36 romance, 36 tragic, and 18 comic!
Philosophical procrastinator, Hamlet is among the greatest tragic characters ever created. In dispair over his father's murder and his mother's marriage to his uncle, Hamlet discovers that his new stepfather and uncle is his father's killer. But Hamlet thinks about revenge too long, which costs him his life.
Link: The Shakespeare Character Test written by mandi_g on Ok Cupid

Hat tip to happy catholic for the link

And I'm not even Irish!


Written on 8:52 PM by Jack B.

Well not much anyway. I do have some Irish ancestry if you go 4 generations back (their name was Clark) but St.Brigid is one of my favorite saints....


You are St Brigid's Cross: St. Brigid is an Irish
saint who hand-wove a cross,out of rushes she
found by the river. She made the cross while
explaining the passion of our Lord to a pagan

What Kind of Cross are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Baby Susan Torres has Died


Written on 7:01 PM by Jack B.

From the family:

With great sadness, we are asking for your prayers for the repose of the soul of 5 week old baby Susan Ann Torres. She passed away last night after surgery for a perforated intestine. Please include in your prayers a request for the peace and comfort of her family, especially Jason Torres, who has had a very difficult past several months

Jeez. After all that family has been through. First the agony of Susan Sr.'s collapse, being pronounced brain-dead and kept alive so that her baby girl could have a chance of life and then just as they are still recovering from her death (after being removed from the machines), little Susan Ann dies as well. My prayers are with the Torres family and all their loved ones.

There are no words for something like this. Sometimes, like the biblical Job, you just have to cry out to G-d and ask - "Why, Lord? Why?"

I'm a prophet - who knew?


Written on 4:44 PM by Jack B.

For those who remember my post on The Artificial Womb and the Future that deals with the legal and ethical problems that might arise from the creation of artificial wombs in which children can develop comes this news from Popular Science: Artificial Wombs by Gretchen Reynolds (hat tip to Dom Bettinelli)

This may come about sooner than I thought (and it WILL happen eventually) and I predicted it. Wow, maybe I should become a fortune teller.

Haiku #69


Written on 4:36 PM by Jack B.

To quote John Sterling*
"Yankees win, the Yankees Win!"
Ha! Take that, Red Sox!

*John Sterling is the radio announcer for NY Yankees games

Note: Yeah, I know that Boston is still 3 games ahead in the standings and I know if the season ended today the Yanks wouldn't even make the playoffs but with the topsy-turvy way they've played all season I've got to take my baseball joy when I can.

Haiku #68 - On the Anniversary of 9/11


Written on 2:27 PM by Jack B.

Seems like yesterday
Can't get it out of my head
Not sure I want to

But its been four years
Innocence forever gone
No one feels safe now

Where towers once stood
Lies an empty gaping hole
Waiting to be filled

Survivors weep still
For lives shattered, loved ones gone
Yet we carry on

I spoke too soon...


Written on 10:38 AM by Jack B.

I knew it was just a matter of time before a Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes story popped up again. I just didn't expect it to be so soon. Thanks Tom and Katie - I knew you wouldn't disappoint me!

Via (so take it with a grain of salt but still...):

Batman Begins actress Katie Holmes is planning to do what neither of Tom Cruise's past two wives did when she weds the movie star - take his name. The tradition-loving actress plans to deviate from Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers' example and go by the name of Kate Cruise, both personally and professionally, when she exchanges vows with her fiance, according to American magazine In Touch. A source tells the publication, "Tom calls her Kate, so he suggested she start going by that professionally." The surname change is something old-fashioned Holmes has always been keen on.
My reply: Uh, Katie. You do know Cruise is not his real name, right? His real surname is Mapother. Cruise was his middle name which he made his stage name. I don't know if he has had it legally changed to "Cruise" or not but do you really want to give up the name you've had all life and the one people you know you by professionally to match your fiancee's fake/middle/stage/changed last name? And calling yourself "Kate" is not going to do anything either, everyone will still call you "Katie". It's like when Charlie Sheen decided he wanted to go by the name of "Charles Sheen" and had himself listed in the movie credits that way - people still called him "Charlie" and eventually he started calling himself that again as well. Besides does "Kate Cruise" or "Kate Cruise Mapother" really sound better than "Katie Holmes"?

Get a grip, Katie, I know you've signed a contract...uh, sorry, I mean "fallen in love" with Tom-Tom but you're acting like you've been brain-washed or he's telling you what to do or some-....oh....wait....right....never mind.

I'm starting to miss Tom Cruise...


Written on 4:07 PM by Jack B.

I was just thinking. A lot of bad and depressing stuff has been going on lately. Hurricane Katrina. The destruction of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The Iraq War. Soldiers still in Afghanistan hunting Osama Bin Stupid. The death of Chief Justice Rehnquist. The death of Gilligan (well that's big to me). The Yankees still not in first place. School has started again. I'm backed up at work.

So, I'd never thought I'd say this but right now I could really use a couch-jumping, frothing at the mouth, middle-aged, short movie star, with his "true love" starlet who's almost young enough to be his daughter and who he just met, and his rants about psychiatry, Brooke Shields, Scientology and the great god, Xenu, on the media 24 hours a day again..

There's nothing quite like seeing a rich crazy person lose his mind to make me feel good about myself (and my own boring but sane life) .

Haiku #67


Written on 2:26 PM by Jack B.

In all history
Woman I would love to meet
The great Jane Austen

Thoughts on Katrina


Written on 10:42 PM by Jack B.

Ah, Katrina, what a lovely name for such a deadly force.

I haven't written on this because I didn't think there was anything I could say that would do justice to the horrific images and events coming from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. I've seen Hurricanes before. I've seen destruction on a massive scale and death too. I'm a New Yorker. The destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings and death of 3,000 people within mere minutes is vividly on my brain. But New York survived. We're still here. But New Orleans is gone. A city founded by the French, the home to history, jazz, creoles and cajuns. All Gone. They say there might be over 10,000 people dead. I've never seen such destruction in this country. I've never seen such destruction in my lifetime. I'd like to say my heart goes out to all those who suffered but that's not saying much, is it? I mean, anyone can say that, right? But I mean it all the same. The destruction looks like something from another part of the planet, like another world, not like here in the richest and most powerful country in the world. Nature has truly humbled us in a way no human terrorist ever could.

More thoughts:
Katrina has exposed both the best and worst in human nature. The breakdown of law and order, the collapse of the NO Police Department, the failure to call out the National Guard immedietely, has led to looting and sniping as humans revert to the bestial Darwinistic survival-of-the-fittest nature. On the other side, volunteer efforts at help, little miracles of deliverance, and the absolute best side of organized religion have been out in full force. For instance, the Catholic Church Southern Baptist Association, Black Churches, Jewish, Muslim, etc. groups all have set up round the clock stations - the organized Athiests? Not so much. And Planned Parenthood has been too busy thinking about its own agenda to set up emergency medical clinics. Meanwhile churches are handing out water and food, people from all over the US are taking in complete strangers in their houses and schools are opening their doors to displaced children. Bless them all.

If there is one thing I hate more than politicians padding themselves on the backs, it's politicians pointing fingers at each. Now I've cut President Bush a lot of slack because I believe in his sincerity but I agree with Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus that was basically Bush's lowest hour as president. Where the heck was the Federal Government? Where was FEMA? How many people died waiting who could have lived? However...Democrats should look to their own glass house as well. Louisiana has an (inept) Democratic mayor, New Orleans has a (clueless) Democratic mayor with and until last year the state had TWO Democratic senators, one of whom (Mary Landrieu) is a political hack who only got her job because of her family name (her father being a former mayor of New Orleans, her brother being Lt. Governor). Its been known for years if not decades that one strong storm could destroy New Orleans. Its been known for years the levees could not hold. Here's a National Geographic Magazine article on the subject from October 2004! Within the last year alone I remember seeing an hour long report on PBS (I think on NOVA) about this very subject as well as one on an ABC news program. I knew it could happen. Where the heck was the representatives of the city? Twiddling their thumbs? Scoring political points while people drowned? Here's an excellent article by Ron Fournier entitled "Politicians Failed Storm Victims" that says it all. A telling excerpt:

On top of all this, Katrina is one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the United States. The best leaders running the most efficient agencies would have been sharply challenged.

"Look at all they've had to deal with," former President Clinton told CNN shortly after joining former President Bush on a fundraising campaign for hurricane relief. "I'm telling you, nobody every thought it would happen like this."

That's not true. Experts had predicted for years that a major hurricane would eventually hit New Orleans, swamping the levees and filling the bowl-shaped city with polluted water. The politicians are doing what they do in time of crisis - shifting the blame.

"The truth will speak for itself," Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said of potential lapses by government. Later, her office blamed the White House for budget cuts.

If it's not the Republicans' fault, perhaps some in Washington would like to blame New Orleans itself. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., questioned whether a city that lies below sea level should be rebuilt. "That doesn't make sense to me," he said.

But for anybody living - or dying - in the devastated region, there are far too many villains to name. "We're out here like pure animals. We don't have help," the Rev. Issac Clark, 68, said outside the New Orleans Convention Center.

Politicans - I say a pox on them all.

And then there is the God factor. I'm notone of those who go into the "God is punishing us for our wickedness" kind of talk. New Orleans, after all, is hardly the most wicked place on Earth. But it does raise the question of "Why would a merciful God let innocent people suffer?". The eternal question. Sometimes when I think about it too hard I find myself becoming a Deist and thinking that having created the world, the Supreme Being no longer takes much of an interest in us. But most of the time I think just that God doesn't give us more than we could handle. Wars, Communism, Nazisim, gulags and death camps? All the work of man. Plague, disease and famine? If we spent half as much money on research and medical aid that we do on weapons of war, maybe we could discover cures. Not to mention the fact that many of the world's industrial nations (US, UK, France) actually pay farmers NOT to grow food. And Katrina? There was plenty of warning, plenty of time. We just did nothing. How is that God's fault? It seems humanity in general and we Americans in particular never pay much give credence to anything until it actually happens. Terrorist attacks? How much attention was paid till 9/11? Hurricane Katrina? How many people just thought they could ride out the storm? It makes me wonder what the people who build homes and businesses on the San Andreas Fault are thinking?

Finally, Trée has brought up Aaron Neville's performance of Louisiana 1927 and how moving it is. I agree. I heard it on EWTN and it moved me like few songs rarely do. I encourage everyone to listen to it here: Louisiana 1927 mp3 (link via IckMusic, an excellent music blog). Listen to the song, close your eyes, and remember the carnage and destruction, the hope and the faith and please pray. Pray for Louisiana. Pray for the Gulf Coast. Pray for everybody.

Haiku #66


Written on 3:11 PM by Jack B.

Do something you love
One's work should make them happy
Happy Labor Day!

The Reason I Haven't Blogged Is...


Written on 3:11 PM by Jack B.

...I spent this Labor Day weekend starting (and finishing) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling.

That's right - all 652 pages of it! Harry Potter is like crack, it's addictive. Once you start, you can't stop. And what's worse I still have a lot of school/homework to do and also regular (paying) work to concentrate on and yet I still seemed to have made time (16 hours or so) to read this entire book! If I get time later, I'll post a full review.

Beware to those who haven't read the book yet - it WILL suck days from your life. But if your're willing to go through it (and haven't bought the book yet) I have a link to get it from Amazon on my sidebar. If you buy it via my blog, I might actually get a few pennies. Capitalism is amazing, is it not?

Haiku #65


Written on 12:35 AM by Jack B.

Where art thou, Shakespeare?
Where is your genius today?
Modern writers suck