Baby Susan Torres has Died


Written on 7:01 PM by Jack B.

From the family:

With great sadness, we are asking for your prayers for the repose of the soul of 5 week old baby Susan Ann Torres. She passed away last night after surgery for a perforated intestine. Please include in your prayers a request for the peace and comfort of her family, especially Jason Torres, who has had a very difficult past several months

Jeez. After all that family has been through. First the agony of Susan Sr.'s collapse, being pronounced brain-dead and kept alive so that her baby girl could have a chance of life and then just as they are still recovering from her death (after being removed from the machines), little Susan Ann dies as well. My prayers are with the Torres family and all their loved ones.

There are no words for something like this. Sometimes, like the biblical Job, you just have to cry out to G-d and ask - "Why, Lord? Why?"

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