Haiku #389 - Easter


Written on 10:32 PM by Jack B.

Happened on third day
A God of Life conquering Death
Yes, He is Risen

Haiku #388 - For Leap Year


Written on 8:21 PM by Jack B.

Every four years

An extra day is added

But do we need it?

Haiku #387 - On Super Bowl XLVI


Written on 10:13 PM by Jack B.

Big Blue wins the game
Edge of your seat against Pats
New York state of mind

Haiku #386


Written on 7:29 PM by Jack B.

Doctor’s appointment
Like getting tooth pulled - long wait
Then finished quickly

Haiku #385


Written on 10:13 PM by Jack B.

Friday the thirteenth
Unlucky for some people
For me not so much