No New Year's Resolutions for Me


Written on 8:15 PM by Jack B.

As we come to the end of another year I have "resolved" not to make any resolutions for the upcoming year. Every time I have done so in the past I end up not accomplishing anything. I don't know why that is, but IT IS. So, for 2012, I'll just let things come as they come and meet it as it happens, and if so was up planning anything, I will not call it a "goal, nor a "resolution", but just a "plan" - something that needs to be done, that I actually take measures to make happen (instead of just resolving to do it). Words matter, even subconsciously.

Happy New Year!

Fractal: The Last Day


Written on 8:07 PM by Jack B.

Haiku #384


Written on 4:09 PM by Jack B.

Year comes to an end
Ask myself what accomplished
Don’t know the answer

Haiku #383


Written on 12:30 PM by Jack B.

Waiting in the class

For the students to arrive