Haiku #273 - On the End of the Mets Season


Written on 10:18 PM by Jack B.

Wow, the Mets collapsed
For second year in a row
Can be no excuse

Haiku #272 - On the Final Game at Yankee Stadium


Written on 9:55 AM by Jack B.

A place of worship
For fans of the baseball God
Yankee Stadium

Soon to be torn down
Not all monuments remain
Except in the heart

Went out with a win
Despite the lousy season
All's right for one night

Adios, Ruth's House
Will the last person to leave
Please turn out the lights

Seven Years Later... (Reflections)


Written on 10:19 PM by Jack B.

The mighty river called the Hudson
Into the Bay the water flows
Carrying the ashes of ages
Whose exactly no one knows
Around the city life goes on
And the river flows on

Who could have seen the planes coming
On an ordinary day like any other
Victims counted by their connections
As father, mother, sister, son, daughter, brother
But now they are gone
And I know they're gone

People jumped from buildings
Faced between fire and the ground
Heroes were born that day
Where cowards could not be found
Still they are gone
And I know they're gone

Looking at the skyline
Imagine the lingering souls
Fate was their hunter
Hate dug the hole
To dust have they gone
And I know they're gone

Memories fade with the seasons
Until only the hurt remains
With it anger and solace
Nothing will be the same
But life must go on
And the river flows on