The Days Are Packed


Written on 9:36 PM by Jack B.

I can’t remember when I’ve been so occupied as I’ve been the last few months. Not busy, mind you, but occupied. My mind, my body, my life. Blogging has been almost non-existent, actual internet use rare. Extra responsibility at work + preparing for this coming semester has taken all my time and when I do go online...let’s just say I’m subscribed to almost 200 blogs on Bloglines and it just takes all my time to read them.

Each time I tell myself things will slow down...but they haven’t. I also still haven’t adjusted to it being 2007. 2006 went so smoothly I didn’t want it to end. By December of 07 I should have fufilled all the requirements for my Master’s. What then? Go for my Ph.D? Take some time off and travel to Europe? Settle down and finally grow up? So many decisions and I no longer can keep putting them off.

Alas, all my days are packed and the Spring semester starts this week. I’m taking a "Teaching College English Composition" course and will be a Teacher’s Assistant in an Undergrad class (ah, those were the days!). After years of avoiding T-E-A-C-H-I-N-G I’ve decided to see what it’s like. I’m hopeful I can get through this period without any disasters. My fingers are crossed.

Haiku #232


Written on 11:06 PM by Jack B.

It is getting cold
Global freezing, not warming
Hold back the winter

Haiku #231


Written on 10:36 PM by Jack B.

Martin had a dream
How long before it's fufilled?
One day at a time

Haiku #230


Written on 9:00 PM by Jack B.

Time of year again
Happy Birthday to myself
Starting to fell age

Haiku #229


Written on 10:49 PM by Jack B.

Iraq strategy
Incomprehensible plan
Clueless in White House

Haiku #228


Written on 10:47 PM by Jack B.

What is that smell?
No one knows but say it's fine
Only in New York

Haiku #227


Written on 2:36 PM by Jack B.

Vacation over
Wow, that was quick – not ready
Crap crap crap crap crap