Haiku #235 - For Ash Wednesday


Written on 7:22 PM by Jack B.

Yearly reminder
Dust we came and will return
Mere human ashes

Haiku #234


Written on 9:48 AM by Jack B.

Face frozen over
Waiting for ride to arrive
Bastards never came

My Austrian-German-Greek-Irish-Italian-Jewish-Polish-Puerto Rican-Russian-American Princess


Written on 10:51 PM by Jack B.

My niece, Monica Grace. With a pedigree like that you can bet she's 100 % ALL AMERICAN!

On a more selfish note, ain't she a cutie? One of the great things about being an uncle is that I have none of the responsibility of a parent and yet I still get all the pictures!

Haloscan is giving me headaches


Written on 11:04 AM by Jack B.

I've been playing around a bit with my template and in the process Haloscan stopped working, I tried to re-install it but it was still wasn't taking. They have an automatic install for "new" Blogger but the new Blogger layout thing seems much too complicated to me right now. So I'll go with the old Blogger comments system for awhile and hope I don't get spammed.

Haiku #233 - On Super Bowl XLI


Written on 11:03 AM by Jack B.

Colts beat Chicago
But my team wasn't playing
So didn't see it