Haiku #250


Written on 4:28 PM by Jack B.

After just one time
Purchase of Frappucino
Starbucks you own me

Haiku #249 - On the Anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley


Written on 9:38 PM by Jack B.

Thirty years ago
Passing of the King of Rock
Elvis still the best

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going


Written on 8:27 PM by Jack B.

I can't say I've been very busy these last several months (July went past in a blur) but I have been trying to work on several projects before I return to school/work next week:

*For one thing this is the end of this part of my college career (hopefully). Time to write my Master's Thesis and get the hell out after 8 years plus of university life. I'm sure I'll get my Ph.D one of these days if the circumstances allow but for now I've had enough.

*When the semester starts I'll also be TEACHING a college class for the first time. Me a college lecturer, imagine that. It'll be an introductory English 1 class probably populated with freshmen students but I'm very excited about it. It is certainly not something I ever saw myself doing when I dropped out of public school as a teenager.

*I also applied for a passport for the first time. It hasn't arrived in time for me to use before my vacation is over but I'm looking forward to putting it to use at my first opportunity. Perhaps an extended stay in Rome or London or Ireland or even Canada (passports are a must to go there now).

*So I've been doing a lot of sleeping and reading and studying (along with several shopping sprees for new clothes – something I haven't treated myself to in years) and am more than ready to put my brain back to work (and to get back to my blog as well)

Haiku #248 - On the Death of Phil Rizzuto


Written on 11:26 PM by Jack B.

Heard the news today
The Scooter has passed away
Tears of Holy Cow

Seven Series Rings
The Money Store and Meatloaf
You Huckleberries

Pinstripes Number Ten
MVP Hall of Famer
With Messer and White

Barber and Allen
Cora, get the cannolis
More birthday shout outs

Seaver and Murcer
Heading for the bridge early
Yankee Forever