Haiku #255 - Leap Year Question


Written on 10:57 PM by Jack B.

Quarterly leap day
If your birthday skips three years
How old can you be?

A Personality Test (with an answer I can actually agree with)


Written on 9:07 AM by Jack B.

Who knew I was so deep?

Which of these things is not like the others?


Written on 11:55 PM by Jack B.

These days it seems it's getting increasingly hard for some people to tell.

Me, I'm starting to find it scary. Really scary. It's the OprahBritneyLohanization of the Presidency. Some people seem to be choosing based on how good it makes them feel personally and not on whether the person actually knows how to govern the most powerful country on Earth. Clinton I and Bush II seemed to be selected based on the same criteria. Could Abe Lincoln be elected dog catcher, let alone President, in the present day? How about John Adams? Or Millard Fillmore? Well, okay, not Fillmore.

P.S. If you still haven't quessed the answer, I recommend this site - a clever response to a very real phenomenon.

Haiku #254 - With Apologies to the Female Gender


Written on 3:01 PM by Jack B.

Weather’s been a bitch
Making day miserable
Worse than a woman