My Other Idle Blog


Written on 6:04 PM by Jack B.

I liked their layout so I started a WordPress "Idle Mendacity" blog. It's basically the same as this one. Double the blogs, double the fun, I guess.
The link is:

Haiku #251


Written on 5:49 PM by Jack B.

O.J. in trouble
Juice is squeezed, but no worries
He'll find the "real" crooks

Still Around...


Written on 5:47 PM by Jack B.

But busy teaching and working on my thesis (never imagined it would take so much of my time).

Haiku #250


Written on 4:28 PM by Jack B.

After just one time
Purchase of Frappucino
Starbucks you own me

Haiku #249 - On the Anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley


Written on 9:38 PM by Jack B.

Thirty years ago
Passing of the King of Rock
Elvis still the best

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going


Written on 8:27 PM by Jack B.

I can't say I've been very busy these last several months (July went past in a blur) but I have been trying to work on several projects before I return to school/work next week:

*For one thing this is the end of this part of my college career (hopefully). Time to write my Master's Thesis and get the hell out after 8 years plus of university life. I'm sure I'll get my Ph.D one of these days if the circumstances allow but for now I've had enough.

*When the semester starts I'll also be TEACHING a college class for the first time. Me a college lecturer, imagine that. It'll be an introductory English 1 class probably populated with freshmen students but I'm very excited about it. It is certainly not something I ever saw myself doing when I dropped out of public school as a teenager.

*I also applied for a passport for the first time. It hasn't arrived in time for me to use before my vacation is over but I'm looking forward to putting it to use at my first opportunity. Perhaps an extended stay in Rome or London or Ireland or even Canada (passports are a must to go there now).

*So I've been doing a lot of sleeping and reading and studying (along with several shopping sprees for new clothes – something I haven't treated myself to in years) and am more than ready to put my brain back to work (and to get back to my blog as well)

Haiku #248 - On the Death of Phil Rizzuto


Written on 11:26 PM by Jack B.

Heard the news today
The Scooter has passed away
Tears of Holy Cow

Seven Series Rings
The Money Store and Meatloaf
You Huckleberries

Pinstripes Number Ten
MVP Hall of Famer
With Messer and White

Barber and Allen
Cora, get the cannolis
More birthday shout outs

Seaver and Murcer
Heading for the bridge early
Yankee Forever

Haiku #247


Written on 7:27 AM by Jack B.

Planning to go out
But storm reports kept me in
Maybe just lazy

Apophysis: Latin Mass


Written on 11:22 PM by Jack B.

Apophysis: Light Up the Sky!


Written on 10:52 PM by Jack B.


Haiku #246 - For Independence Day 2007


Written on 10:04 PM by Jack B.

Growing like a child
Learning as it goes along
This America

Out of one many
Experiment in freedom
Your America

Faults go with triumphs
Perfect in imperfections
My America

For we the people
Life, liberty, happiness
Our America

Haiku #245


Written on 9:01 PM by Jack B.

Closed down for repairs
Now open for business
Paris's Hilton

Haiku #244


Written on 12:01 AM by Jack B.

Cool sun-kissed breezes
Then the thunderstorms arrive
First day of summer

Haiku #243


Written on 7:08 PM by Jack B.

On the new cut grass
Lying back with closing eyes
Warm breezes drift by

Haiku #242 - On the State of the NY Yankees


Written on 5:44 PM by Jack B.

Yankees keep sucking
Can't seem to hit, pitch or catch
Overpriced chokers

Jesus is coming in my mail...


Written on 12:54 PM by Jack B.

Well no, not that Jesus! I'm talking about Pope Benedict's book: Jesus of Nazareth. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and just got an e-mail that it's been shipped. I'm actually excited, this is the first book I've pre-ordered (months ahead of time) since God knows when but I really wanted to read it for myself before the professional "reviews" started coming in and shaping my opinion before I read it. I've read several of the Pope's books (written when he was Cardinal Ratzinger) and I've never read anyone who can speak about theology so clearly and so understandably.

Haiku #241


Written on 12:53 PM by Jack B.

There would be no me
If there had never been her
Always Mother's day

Haiku #240


Written on 7:27 AM by Jack B.

Such a lovely day
Sun stayed out into the night
Kids lay on new grass

Haiku #239


Written on 3:53 PM by Jack B.

Storms come from the west
Wipe away my sunny days
Mother Nature’s love

Haiku #238 - On Yesterday's Opening Day at Yankee Stadium


Written on 7:50 PM by Jack B.

New season opens
Yankees win in a comeback
Pavano still sucks

Haiku #237


Written on 9:34 PM by Jack B.

Beautiful weather
Gentle breezes, shining sun
Is this Spring at last?

Goodbye, Internet Explorer!


Written on 6:14 PM by Jack B.

In the 2+ years I’ve had my current Dell desktop computer I’ve removed almost none of the programs it came pre-installed with. I’ve never felt the need to.
But the other day I deleted Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 from my computer. I had already made the switch to Firefox as my main internet browser some time ago but kept IE because a back-up browser is always useful – and besides, Firefox is ridiculously slow to load up (at least on my computer).

About a year ago I tried Opera but it pretty much froze every time I tried I used it so promptly uninstalled it. But on a whim I downloaded Opera’s newest version a couple of weeks ago and low and behold – it worked fine. At the same time, IE 7 despite the fact its supposed to be better than its previous version gave me all kind of “script error” headaches and in comparison to Firefox and Opera is bland and no-frills. So I got rid of it, and all of a sudden my computer is running faster (Opera opens up faster than IE ever did as well). Microsoft has more money and manpower than either Mozilla (Firefox) or Opera and they have the leg up on their competitors because IE is installed on every PC in the world (right?). It was one thing when MS put Netscape basically out of business with its monopolistic ways but as the rise of Google and the re-birth of Apple has shown, Bill Gates & Co. seem to be resting on their laurels and letting the innovations come from somewhere else.

So goodbye for now Internet Explorer, let me know when you put out something I can’t get somewhere else (and for free and faster, to boot).

Dreaming of a Green St. Patrick's Day


Written on 9:10 PM by Jack B.

(With apologies to Irving Berlin)

I’m dreaming of a green St. Patrick’s
Just like they used to have in Ireland
Where shamrocks have four-leaf clovers
And to the pubs we’ll go over
Then look for gold across the rainbow’s span


I’m dreaming of a green St. Patrick’s
With every bite of freshly cooked corn beef
May you sing a chorus of “Danny’s Boy” and “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”
And may all your St. Paddy’s Days be green


Haiku #236


Written on 12:39 PM by Jack B.

Nerves are on fire
Rubber bands between my teeth
Aspirin needed

Haiku #235 - For Ash Wednesday


Written on 7:22 PM by Jack B.

Yearly reminder
Dust we came and will return
Mere human ashes

Haiku #234


Written on 9:48 AM by Jack B.

Face frozen over
Waiting for ride to arrive
Bastards never came

My Austrian-German-Greek-Irish-Italian-Jewish-Polish-Puerto Rican-Russian-American Princess


Written on 10:51 PM by Jack B.

My niece, Monica Grace. With a pedigree like that you can bet she's 100 % ALL AMERICAN!

On a more selfish note, ain't she a cutie? One of the great things about being an uncle is that I have none of the responsibility of a parent and yet I still get all the pictures!

Haloscan is giving me headaches


Written on 11:04 AM by Jack B.

I've been playing around a bit with my template and in the process Haloscan stopped working, I tried to re-install it but it was still wasn't taking. They have an automatic install for "new" Blogger but the new Blogger layout thing seems much too complicated to me right now. So I'll go with the old Blogger comments system for awhile and hope I don't get spammed.

Haiku #233 - On Super Bowl XLI


Written on 11:03 AM by Jack B.

Colts beat Chicago
But my team wasn't playing
So didn't see it

The Days Are Packed


Written on 9:36 PM by Jack B.

I can’t remember when I’ve been so occupied as I’ve been the last few months. Not busy, mind you, but occupied. My mind, my body, my life. Blogging has been almost non-existent, actual internet use rare. Extra responsibility at work + preparing for this coming semester has taken all my time and when I do go online...let’s just say I’m subscribed to almost 200 blogs on Bloglines and it just takes all my time to read them.

Each time I tell myself things will slow down...but they haven’t. I also still haven’t adjusted to it being 2007. 2006 went so smoothly I didn’t want it to end. By December of 07 I should have fufilled all the requirements for my Master’s. What then? Go for my Ph.D? Take some time off and travel to Europe? Settle down and finally grow up? So many decisions and I no longer can keep putting them off.

Alas, all my days are packed and the Spring semester starts this week. I’m taking a "Teaching College English Composition" course and will be a Teacher’s Assistant in an Undergrad class (ah, those were the days!). After years of avoiding T-E-A-C-H-I-N-G I’ve decided to see what it’s like. I’m hopeful I can get through this period without any disasters. My fingers are crossed.

Haiku #232


Written on 11:06 PM by Jack B.

It is getting cold
Global freezing, not warming
Hold back the winter

Haiku #231


Written on 10:36 PM by Jack B.

Martin had a dream
How long before it's fufilled?
One day at a time

Haiku #230


Written on 9:00 PM by Jack B.

Time of year again
Happy Birthday to myself
Starting to fell age

Haiku #229


Written on 10:49 PM by Jack B.

Iraq strategy
Incomprehensible plan
Clueless in White House

Haiku #228


Written on 10:47 PM by Jack B.

What is that smell?
No one knows but say it's fine
Only in New York

Haiku #227


Written on 2:36 PM by Jack B.

Vacation over
Wow, that was quick – not ready
Crap crap crap crap crap