I'm starting to miss Tom Cruise...


Written on 4:07 PM by Jack B.

I was just thinking. A lot of bad and depressing stuff has been going on lately. Hurricane Katrina. The destruction of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The Iraq War. Soldiers still in Afghanistan hunting Osama Bin Stupid. The death of Chief Justice Rehnquist. The death of Gilligan (well that's big to me). The Yankees still not in first place. School has started again. I'm backed up at work.

So, I'd never thought I'd say this but right now I could really use a couch-jumping, frothing at the mouth, middle-aged, short movie star, with his "true love" starlet who's almost young enough to be his daughter and who he just met, and his rants about psychiatry, Brooke Shields, Scientology and the great god, Xenu, on the media 24 hours a day again..

There's nothing quite like seeing a rich crazy person lose his mind to make me feel good about myself (and my own boring but sane life) .

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