When I'm Stupid, I'm REALLY STUPID!


Written on 2:46 PM by Jack B.

Last night I was relaxed in bed watching one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, A Matter of Life and Death, directed by the great Michael Powell (who would have turned 100 this month) and starring David Niven and Kim Hunter on TCM. Anyway I was watching with the remote control in my hand (while the TV is on, the remote always seems glued to my hand) and when the movie is over and I wasn't aware of what I was doing I turned to the side, my arm came up and the top of the remote control went SLAM! right between the eyes in the area right above the bridge of my nose. And when I say SLAM! I mean it, I wasn't aware I could hit anything that hard, let alone my own face. Be careful of reflex actions. They can hurt.

The pain was unbearable. Lucklily I was in bed and could smash my face against something soft but it left me with head aches all night and this morning and still right now I'm still smarting over yet. The funny thing despite the fact it's sensitive to the touch and painful, there is no visible mark, either on my nose or near my eye nor anywhere else. Someone could have punched me and given me a black eye and it would have shown more and hurt less. Since I'm paranoid to begin with now I have the sneaking suspicion that if anything tragic happens - if my sight goes out, a blood clot or some kind of rare blood disease, I'll look back at last night and say "If only I had not hit myself in the face with a friggin' TV remote, none of this would be happening!".

Makes no sense I know but much of my life makes no sense. Except that fact that I can safely predict that whenever I find myself doing really stupid, I can safely predict it will be done in a BIG WAY.

Note: This anecdote has nothing to do with anything at all, except for my own personal chronicle of stupidity. Ignore it safely.

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