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Written on 7:56 PM by Jack B.

The Republicans got wacked at the polls no big surprise... Im sure some good and decent Republicans got kicked out who didnt deserve it, buts thats politics. The people wanted a change (especially in Iraq) and voting is basically the only way most people can send a message. The Democrats didnt do anything to get elected; they were just the default position for those who wanted to kick out the GOP. Now lets see if the Democrats can do anything new (I doubt it). Do I sound disillusioned? I am. I voted but only because it was my civic duty, NYC is basically a one-party city (even our Republican mayor was a Democrat who switched parties because it was easier to get through a Republican primary) so everyone knows whos going to win here anyway.

The one thing I was upset at was the deceptive pro-cloning constitutional amendment passing in Missouri passing by under 50,000 votes. People (mostly wealthy individuals and biotech companies) outspent the anti-Amendment 2 people (which included most churches) by something like $28 million to $3 million. The bill itself was something like 30+ pages long and most people hadnt read the whole thing yet they had no problem making it part of their constitution. Oy Vey. The bill purported to ban cloning but only in the implantation in an actual womb. If someone read further down it specifically allows GOVERNMENT FUNDS for the cloning to infinity of human embryos outside the womb for medical research. In other words the creation of embryos just for the sake of destroying them for their stem cells. What ever happened to only using frozen embryos in fertility clinics since there was SO MANY of them going unused? Why do you need to clone embryos, create dozens more, all just to destroy them? Like I said deceptive.

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