Crying "Uncle"


Written on 5:48 PM by Jack B.

I am gobsmacked! Stunned. Speechless. Yesterday (Saturday Night) I heard some of the most shocking news I've ever heard in my life - one of my younger sisters is expecting a baby. I am going to be an uncle!

Perhaps this may not seem like news but I come from a pretty small family and we haven't had a child born into it in well over a decade. In other words a generation has passed without a kid. And now this. The same little shrimp I used to try to boss around when we were kids until she (literally) learned how to fight (and bite) back is going to be a mother. I'm very happy for her, of course, but also a little P.Oed that she didn't bother to tell me (or anyone else apparently) for almost two months! She says this was just in case of a miscarriage or something but still...I've seen her several times in the last two months and she has said NOTHING. Nor even given a hint of it. And apparently this was a planned child to boot (something else she didn't tell anyone about). You know, my sister only got married earlier this year (in a sudden drive-by wedding in Las Vegas) and now she's expecting a child. Not only that but she's popular with lots of friends, a great (and well-paying) job she got out of college and she (like me) is also going for her Master's degree right now. Her life, unlike mine, is both busy and going pretty great.

I'm a little jealous I admit. I'm older, closing in on 30 and my life goes something like this: Work, School, Sleep, then Repeat. But I'm happy about this baby, really I am. As a matter of fact maybe some form of ESP told me this was going to happen since I wrote this little piece on the development of an unborn child on September 19th - at about the same exact same time my sister was told she was pregnant! Obviously I'm psychic and this means the child should be named after me but somehow I don't think my sis was convinced by that argument.

*Sigh* Oh well, here's a picture of my future niece or nephew. Right now he/she looks like a large black blob but I suppose over time he/she'll will grow to be better looking:

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