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Written on 4:39 PM by Jack B.

The avatar in my profile is actually that of a young Pope John Paul II. He looks very cool and that's how I wanted to remember him after his death (which happened at about the time I started this blog). I haven't bothered to change it to honor him and because the picture could be pretty much anyone (unless you look too close).

I haven't posted an actual picture of MYSELF mainly because

a) I take horrible pictures (really, I can't find one I like of me past the age of 12)


b) As I've mentioned I was always nervous that friends and family would actually read this blog which would make more nervous about what I might or might not write. As it turns out though, that hasn't been the case. Even family members who know I have a blog don't read it! Ah well, to heck with it then.

This picture was taken outside my college campus just a couple of months ago. Its not a great picture (like I said I don't take flattering pictures) but thanks to the wonders of Adobe Photoshop I can pretty much take out all the messy features (AKA most of my face), colorize it and make a picture I actually like. Personally, I've fallen in love with Photoshop (the expensive version with all the fancy effects). It's installed on the computer I use at work and I sometimes find myself idly manipulating photos for the heck of it. Just like THIS one.

Edited to add: Special Thanks to Trée at Decadent Tranquility for this beautiful Apophysis portrait of me or at least the Pope version of me. I blush at the honor. Or I would blush - if I wasn't so blue. Heh. Heh.

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